Wos, the flying kid | A phenomenon that crosses styles and generations

You have to see how Wos jumps in his gigs. So big and light, so strong, unstoppable. Looks like it’s flying. It’s an impact to see him on stage, with this ease and this dynamism in the body. Also their songs seem to fly. Because if they once left the world of rap and hip hop, freestyle and cockfighting, today they continue to tread the ground there but they open up and expand, crossing genres and The influences. And they sound, like very few in these times of mediocre overabundance, tremendously original and new, just to them. The same thing they say, and how they say it. This is perhaps why Wos has conquered, also without precedent, audiences of the most diverse ages and clubs, ever larger.

On Friday and Saturday Wos ‘arrived’ at a stadium like Argentinos Juniors. He gathered 30,000 souls on each date, in two nights of celebration. The scenographic display was not saved, planted a different story in each song. Much less, musical display: a large band sounded with moments of fury, acoustic backwaters, arrangements with large rows of pipes or strings, a legüero bass drum, a terrific gospel choir mounted on a moving platform! as a guest appeared Ricardo Mollo, who plays a song on the album and previously invited Wos to re-record a Divided song; It was a great moment of the night. And there was also the new urban guard with Nicki Nicole and Ca7riel and Acru, Klan, Zone, referents of freestyle, whom he presented as “those who helped me start it all”, with whom he engaged in a shared enjoyment of a battle of rhymes, which now come in terms of thanks and celebration, of friends who say: how much you deserve to have come here, how happy I am.

with their songs Wos tells boys and girls it’s better to be awake, watch closely, get involved, not fall asleep, or settle down, or pass by without feeling. It sounds so opposite to everything they are told without saying it, everywhere, on a daily basis. He tells them that if it’s a shitty world, there’s still something to do. On the screens before the show, the ad is by La Garganta Poderosa: “If the present fights, the future is ours.” “We are the new generation that will turn the tide.” “The only certainty we have is to do things with love,” Wos said on the show.

“It’s nice to be home, crazy”said the 24-year-old boy who, as everyone knows, is called Olive Valentine’s Day, grew up in La Paternal, he is the son of dancer and singer Maia Mónaco and musician Alejandro Oliva, one of the founders of La Bomba de Tiempo. The youngest winner of a Gardel de Oro, who nevertheless made his career abroad and owes nothing to the music industry that rewarded him. Which one is “wosito” for the public that follows him, and thus chants his name in crowds.

Of the many different, quirky, and fresh things that Wos has, the one that’s quite unique is its audience. Which is also really unique. Because it turns out there’s the “natural” crowd that fills the Diego Armando Maradona stadium for two nights of massive partying and celebration, the bullshit who’s the same age as him or a little younger, the one who sympathizes with the suffering and criticizes his letters. But there are also many, many and many followers of other ages. Girls and very young boys, primary school, 6, 9, 10 years old. And a little more, the tweens. And his fathers and mothers, who also feel challenged by his music.

In the concerts of the Argentinos Juniors, he was seen in quantity. Families arrive early and picnic in the field, before it turns into a sea of ​​bodies delivered to the concert. First experiences of a court recital, shared by mother and daughter at this age, a window that is already opening on autonomy for many things, but not yet for a massive event. Fathers and mothers who brought groups of friends to the controls. The most played: two parents with twenty! children around 10 years old, school friends. A real musical excursion.

Little children know all the songs of Wos, his long songs without a chorus. They discuss it with their friends, they ask to listen to them in the car on the way to school, they watch their videos. When they understand the meaning of the feeling of ecstasy, they ask, for example, what “black ecstasy” would look like, because for them it sounds happy, and therefore for other colors.

What I like about Wos is that it doesn’t have auto-tuninglike others that I also listen to but who, I don’t know, seem more the same to me”, underlines Mateo, 9, who before the pandemic had already learned “Púrpura” with his friends in the music workshop.

It’s a really different phenomenon, intergenerational, the one that occurs with Wos and that is verified in the concerts. “At first I think my way of composing was more about talking to my peers, to others my age, but all of a sudden I started to get used to the fact that what I was saying was reaching other unexpected places,” Wos said in an interview. Luis Paz did it in the NO supplement of page 12. “Desde que se hizo esa Red Bull en el Luna Park (la que lo consagró campeón mundial), los eventos empezaron a ser como un partido de fútbol, ​​que lo ven un nene de 5 y el papá que tiene 40, y el del medio too. It began to encompass all ages and people who loved music, people who maybe didn’t listen to music, people who didn’t even know what rap was, and another rap fan,” he explained. Perhaps from this popular phenomenon that was born in the squares with freestyle matches and spread in competitions, multiplied by the networks, also emerges this width of Wos.

“I think the figure of Wos, his way of being and speaking, of showing himself in public, of managing the race, generates something in the boys”, explains Cecilia. She went to see Wos at Argentinos Juniors with her 5-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son, along with other friends of the eldest, who in turn also went with their mothers and fathers. “I see my son as he is fascinated and as he looks at him with love, for me that is the goal. There is something very endearing and close in him, and the boys capture it”, analyzes – he.

Mailén and Martín are from City Bell, they went to see Wos with Manuel, 6, and Juan, 10. For the youngest it is the first concert, on the other hand the great cancherea: “I already went to see him in Atenas (in La Plata) and I loved it.” Parents emphasize the care of the organization, the number of people ready at the entrances, the calm climate, the tickets at lower prices than other similar concerts. “It also convinces you to come, the young people live their party, we can live ours”, they observe.

There are not many spaces, let alone concerts, that can be shared so fully between different generations today. This condition of a “ready to use” single makes Wos’s music important, and his way of offering it.


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