Destroy all humans! 2 – Review, analysis and review of the game for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

Get your weapons ready and hop on your flying saucer because it’s time to wreak havoc. There’s no nobility or solemnity in Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed, just a pissed off alien eager to ruin everything in a game that’s as crazy as it is fun. A festival of jokes and references to classic sci-fi cinema in a remake that seeks to conquer us again in 2022.

Open world games have been one of great references for the industry of video games thanks to titles like Grand Theft Auto V and, over the past 15 years, many legendary franchises have bet on a formula that has remained a success magnet. But we’ve also had an evolution of the genre that on some occasions has been revolutionary and precisely for that reason I had a lot of doubts about how a sandbox from 2006 would work in the middle of 2022, no matter how much sheet metal and paint that Black Forest Games and THQ Nordic had given it to the original hardware. But Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed managed to catch me all the way and I guarantee there are plenty of reasons why Pandemic Studios’ title will continue to stand out in the genre, even have spent more than 15 years since this second invasion of Earth.

The proposal of Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed is simple: a classic sandbox where we can satisfy our appetite for destruction without needing too much justification. We control an alien who has no respect for everything around him and shows absolute disregard for most humans, so you can devote yourself to sucking people’s brains, throwing their bodies in the air or to destroy every building you find on your way. To achieve this we will not lack tools because the game has a whole arsenal of weaponsto which of all the craziest: a ray gun that allows us to electrocute several targets at the same time, a disc that will bounce both people and vehicles or the mythical anal probea classic of aliens in popular culture.

It is clear that Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed is intended to be rogue, sharp, but above all very funny. The good news is that it succeeds and throughout the story has managed to keep me interested in the plans and misadventures of its protagonists. The formula to achieve this lies in Crypto, an extraterrestrial overflowing with charisma in each of the game’s cutscenes and conversations, remaining a joke machine while making witty references to 1960s movies, music, and popular culture. decor and soundtrack: aliens with big heads and wide eyes, aggressive gesture and sly smile, a design reminiscent in many ways of those featured by Tim Burton in his Mars Attacks! from 1996.

Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed uses the same bits as Burton to build an action-comedy where the science fiction movie parody 50s serves to unleash some evil characters who managed to win me over in their quest to end everything we know. This satire not only serves to make us laugh out loud, it is also the perfect excuse to boil all the subjects of our society, especially those of times past.

Satire as a weapon to conquer us

These subjects are correctly represented both by their characters and by the situations we experience throughout the game and its setting, located in a moment as special as 1969, serves to make Crypto’s journey lead us to relate to the famous American counterculture that we’ve seen so many times in movies. Hippies are not only funny in the way they are parodied, with all the clichés related to their clothes, their cults, their drug use or their passion for “free love”, they are also the perfect counterpoint to the warmongering attitude of our protagonist.

The game begins its story in San Francisco… sorry, Bay City, but that won’t be the only city we visit. I have to admit, as fun as the hippies are, my first steps into Bay City left me feeling a little cold. There are many sandboxes that have been installed in American cities and this is when I felt the shortcomings of Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed the most. The basis of the game is still that of an open world from 2006 and after what we have seen in recent years, I could not help but miss some elements in the city that would serve to give it a little more life.

Destroy all humans!  2 PS5

Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed is rogue, biting, but above all very funnyThe artificial intelligence of the NPCs that can be found on the streets is very poor and the traffic is very far from feeling organic, in fact, It’s easy to feel like we’re breaking the game as soon as we stop traffic and vehicles are forced to change direction. Forget the possibility of visiting establishments or building interiors, and although the city is well detailed, it looks like a puppet theater. I’m sure that if the title had developed its entire story in scenarios as hackneyed as those of major North American cities, it would have been very difficult for me, but Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed has a winning shot to keep its open worlds going. to be interesting even to this day: travel the world.

Unleash chaos across the world

Destroy all humans!  of them

After assassinating President Huffman, the parody of Truman and destroying the United States Congress, Cryptosporidium’s new adventure begins ten years after the events of the first part to confront, how could it be otherwise, the KGB, at a period marked by the Cold War. Crypto’s newest clone, created from the purest furon DNA, is a threat to the Soviet Union, who will not hesitate to swoop in against our ruthless protagonist and his allies. Thus begins an adventure which begins in the United States but which will take us on a journey through UK, Japan, Soviet Union and even the Moon.

The basis of the game is still that of an open world from 2006Completely changing the landscape throughout the story was one of the aspects I enjoyed the most in Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed, especially because, as expected, the streets and the characters that inhabit them are a fantastic cartoon cities that had a major impact on the pop culture the game is based on. Visiting Tokyo in the 1960s as the yakuza and the police clash, fighting ninjas, posing as schoolgirls dressed in “seifuku” or harassing “employees” is all you can expect from a parody of the Japan. Every town is a refreshing change over the development of the story and are different enough that each has a very individual tone and feel. London is practically a James Bond movie, while Siberia has an eerie, almost supernatural atmosphere closely tied to the events of Tunguska.

Vintage taste, but in every way

Destroy all humans!  2 PS5

However, not everything in Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed is positive: Gameplay THQ Nordic the years keep showing and if you’re used to the gameplay of most current open-world titles, you’ll probably notice the archaic makeup of its quest system. There are few playable elements with which the game builds its action: the structure of the missions and the enemies to defeat are repeated over and over again. It’s easy to lose interest in them, and while playing I felt like the real reason I wanted to beat the missions was so I could keep encountering those fun conversations and new cutscenes, and not so much because those missions were particularly cool. entertaining. Some stand out final bossesalthough they are few in number and most are accompanied by a few slightly unbalanced difficulty spikes compared to the rest of the game. The control of Crypto is quite satisfactory and the fact of being able to develop the weapons and abilities of our alien gives us a rather pleasant feeling of progression. The worst is the flying saucer which, although it can also be improved, has a much rougher and more limited handling.

Destroy all humans!  of them

Despite the fact that the Pandemic title’s sense of humor and rogue tone is the big engine to keep us glued to the controls, it’s a 2006 game peppered with jokes that in turn support classic movie topics, so you are going to find endless jokes about the physical attributes of our hypersexualized adventure partner and many more sex jokes that may seem a little simple to you and, above all, taken other times.

The duration of Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed in its story mode it is close to 20 hours, combining the main missions with some secondary missions, although there are many more if you want to opt for 100% secondary missions and collectibles, which will reward us with fun songs, artwork or skins for Crypto. The game also features a multiplayer mode where we can complete the story in cooperation, both via the Internet and in split screen, as well as a versus mode and a tennis minigame in which we will use telekinesis, although the last two are much more forgettable. The duration and game options are more than enough to keep us a good number of hours unleashing chaos as we enjoy a story that knows how to shine thanks to its acid humor and the undeniable charisma of its characters.

Destroy all humans!  2 PS5

The gameplay options are more than enough to keep us going for a good number of hours unleashing chaosIt was a surprise to learn that this second remake was excluded from the last generation. It felt like a statement of intent when it came to giving this new installment some graphic muscle and, although it’s far from being a benchmark in this regard, you can clearly see a leap from the remake. of 2020. The cities are well detailed and at every moment we feel that the textures in the buildings, the road and the vegetation that surrounds us are well worked. We can destroy everything in our path, even knock down large buildings, while the game remains at a solid frame rate at all times and without crashes of any kind. The caricatural design of the characters knows how to seduce and give them a beautiful personality, with models that are simple and full of charisma. Without much fanfare, Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed is a remake that does his homework on the visual and technical part.

Don’t expect an open world full of options, with realistic towns and complex quest developments, but if you can compromise on those terms, what you’ll find is wildly funny action comedy featuring a character you will surely never forget.

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