Lucas Pratto hits referees hard in Vélez loss to Atlético Tucumán: ‘They’re all superb’

From a very good performance against River on Wednesday for the Copa Libertadores, Lucas Prat was preserved from the start this Saturday for the rematch of the round of 16 next Wednesday. He entered for the last 25 minutes in the match of the 6th date of the Professional League, without his contribution being sufficient to Velez avoided a 1-0 defeat against Atletico Tucuman, which they had not won as visitors since August 2021, in a 2-1 against Newell’s.

With a shaking voice because the match had ended a few minutes earlier, Pratto (34 years old)speaking to TNT Sports, first reflected on the fall: “Today we had a bad game, with a lack of rhythm because many players had not played. It’s become complicated, but we have to keep working.”

But the Bear I wanted to leave another kind of testimony, because when asked if now he should put his head on River, he turned and pointed at the referees: “It’s a shame because Vélez always plays conditioned. On the Defense and Justice field, on Boca, River, Vélez… It seems that the referees are happy to hurt Vélez. It will be the business of the leaders, but sometimes we are still silent, and I think it is time to start exposing them. They are all superb, in their relations with the youngest, with the players. There are referees who talk a lot about the players, but they run one or two important games and they think they are the protagonists. And the protagonists are the players, even if it hurts them. They must put aside their pride and whistle accordingly. We can’t let football get uglier and uglier for this reason.”

Walter Bou, one of the holders entered in the second periodPHOTOBARIES/Nicolas Aboaf

When asked if, in his experience, he could raise the issue with the referees, Pratto replied: “You can’t talk to them It’s happened to me before with four or five referees. We get tired, we are fat, we are disrespected. We big ones keep quiet, but there comes a time when we have to expose them because we’re tired of being crushed by them.”

Pratto’s anger was more about the treatment, the relationship of the referees, than the ability to sanction. The performance of Yael Falcon Perez was technically correct, it left no room for controversy. Joaquin Pereira, Atlético Tucumán player, also corroborated Pratto’s words: “Sometimes the manners of the referees are not the best. I’m not going to say what he told me because it’s not right, but you have to respect because you react later and you get a yellow card. In the locker room, we talked about not making the match difficult for the referee. If he charged, that’s it, but we want them to respect us.”

The question has been submitted for review by the coach alexander medina at the press conference. The “cacique” did not want to stoke the fire, he was more procrastinating: “There are issues that escape me because I am not on the field. I am not in the dialogues between the players and the referee In this sense, I cannot express myself. It’s a personal situation for Lucas, I try to keep respect with the referees. I cannot elaborate or do a more in-depth analysis.

In the Vélez of renovation and which makes room for the lowest kids, Gianluca Prestianni Not only is he the youngest of the recent promotion, but he made history with a precocious record. A little over a month ago, on May 25, this slippery and scathing striker he became the youngest footballer to start in the first of the Liniers club. With 16 years, three months and 23 days entered the final 13 minutes of Estudiantes’ 4-0 thrashing, in the match that sealed qualification for the Copa Libertadores knockout stages. He broke the record for Patrick Perez, who two decades ago appeared at the age of 16 years, 10 months and a day against Nueva Chicago.

The young Prestianni falls under the mark of Acosta
The young Prestianni falls under the mark of Acostatelam

This Saturday, with all starters cut, teenager Prestianni, a resident of Ciudadela, was the starter for the first time. The coach alexander medina placed with an inverted profile: a right as a left winger. Before the minute of play, he was close to the goal by intercepting a bad pass from a rival and assisting Abiel Osorio, who in the box returned the wall to Prestianni, just enough anticipated by Bruno Bianchi to define.

The attacker of 1.65m and 63kg felt that this week was going to be different from when “Cacique” Medina asked Paul Aymar to exclude him from the list of summoned for the formation of the Argentina team under 17. He also disassigned him from the reserve team. Prestianni made his debut in the Libertadores with the technical director Julius Vaccari, that he knew him well for having worked in the ranks of young people before having to temporarily replace the sacked Mauricio Pellegrino.

best of the game

Shortly after taking office, Medina made this assessment of Prestianni: “He is a boy who will mature, obviously he needs minutes and games. The club, and me as a coach, we have invested a lot of energy in this type of players, which must be subject to a process of consolidation”. After the match, he commented: “Gianluca trained very well, he has a very good daily life. He is a very docile boy, these are good opportunities for him to develop. It has conditions to continue to grow. You have to go slowly, without rushing the process. We are happy that he had his first start game”.

Due to his stature and his footballing characteristics, Prestianni is seen at Vélez as a striker who follows the line of Thiago Almada, transferred to MLS. Roland Zarate, The former Vélez striker, now a representative and always close to the club’s news, spoke of the young player: “He is a player of another size, another, that we, Vélez fans, will appreciate a lot. . He must continue to play games in reserve. He made his debut very well, without fear.

The No. 42 of the shirt with which he appeared in the first division will remain as an anecdote when in the future he will wear a number more distinctive of his qualities. In a very oiled non-op team, Prestianni attempted several runs and faced daring. After 11 minutes in the second leg he was replaced by Lucas Janson, one of the starters, in addition to Walter Bou, Lucas Pratto, Máximo Perrone and Luca Orellano, whom the coach sent onto the pitch in an attempt to reverse the defeat. Prestianni joined the list of other players who made their first division debut before the age of 17 this century: Sergio Agüero, Leandro Paredes, Ezequiel Ponce, Mateo Musacchio, Darío Sarmiento and Lisandro Magallán.

Vélez’s other recruit was at the other end of Prestianni’s generation. With 38 years old, coming from Colón with the pass in his possession, the goalkeeper Leonard Burian he held the position occupied by Lucas Hoyos. Companion of the “Cacique” Medina in the Nacional de Montevideo, Burián could not do anything with his head at the corner of Manuel Capasso for Atlético Tucumán 1-0, after a cross from Ramiro Carrera. It wasn’t much more in demand, except on a shot from Ruiz Rodríguez which he contained by throwing himself to his left. And in injury time, he deflected a powerful free kick to Carrera in the corner.

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