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To access it we click on the Contacts icon and a new window will appear where we click on the Begin.

Windows 10 Contacts Getting Started

Automatically import contacts

On the next screen, we can connect apps to add people to the contact list. By default, the People and Mail applications appear with which we can connect and synchronize contacts. We can also get more apps from the Microsoft Store.

Import Contacts

All you need to do is click on any option and log in to our account. For example, if we select Mail, we must log in with an email account and password to use with this application. Once synchronized, we can access the complete list of contacts.

Add and remove a contact manually

It is also possible to add a contact manually. To do this, at the bottom we find the Find and pin contacts section, from which we can pin contacts to the taskbar, being able to choose between suggestions or directly search for those we want to pin. If we click on the icon with three dots on the right, a small menu will appear where we will have the possibility of New contact.

Add a new contact

By clicking on it, we can add a new contact by adding a photo, name, phone number, email, address, among other details that we want to keep. Once the form is completed with our contact information, we save it by clicking on the button to safeguard.

People add a contact

To delete a contact, once we have selected it, we click on the menu button with the three dots that appears next to the edit button that we mentioned earlier and from the options that appear, choose the one of remove the contact. Then we will have to confirm that we want to delete it in the confirmation window that appears.

Pin to taskbar

Once we have synchronized and added all our contacts, it is possible to add direct access to the taskbar of the person or persons who interest us the most to be able to access them more quickly. Just click on the section of Find and pin contacts so that all available ones appear. Just click on the desired one and the shortcut will be automatically added to the taskbar.

By clicking on the access created, the contact form will appear with all the information available and that we have added to your file. We can also modify it to add new fields, as well as modify or delete some of the existing ones, by clicking on the three-dot icon at the top right.

Contacts synced

This shortcut can be deleted at any time by simply right-clicking on it and then selecting the delete option. Unpin from taskbar.

Undock taskbar from contacts

By default, the maximum number of contacts we can add is three, although this can be configured from the Customize and Toolbar section of the Windows Configuration menu. From here we can also decide if we want to receive notifications from our loved ones, play a sound when we receive a notification and display suggestions.

Choose the number of contacts displayed in the taskbar

Hide app from taskbar

In case we do not want this application to be visible in the taskbar, we can hide it. In this case, press the keyboard shortcut Windows + I to access the Configuration menu. We can also access it from the application itself by clicking on the icon with three dots and selecting the Contacts option.

Then click on Personalize and on the next screen, click on Taskbar. We scroll down the right column to the section on contacts. Here we click on the Show contacts section in the taskbar so that it appears as disabled.

Hide Contacts app

Likewise, if we want to display this contact search engine again in our start bar, we just have to access the Windows configuration menu and check the option “Show contacts in the taskbar” again. so that the icon reappears and we can continue to use it. function.

Uninstall the Contacts app

In the event that we will no longer use the application, it is possible to hide it from the taskbar so that it does not bother us as we have seen previously. But if this is not enough and we want to eliminate it, it must be said that Microsoft does not facilitate the elimination of system applications installed by default.

People apps

Even if we search for contacts in the applications that appear in the Configuration menu, we will check that it does not appear. And it is that for the system the application is installed under the name of People. When we find it, we’ll see that it doesn’t let us uninstall it the traditional waywe will therefore have to resort to other methods.

Use PowerShell

To completely remove the Contacts app, we can use the Windows PowerShell command line tool. To do this, we type powershell in the Start menu search box and run it with administrator rights.

Once it appears, we write the following command and press Enter to confirm:

Get-AppxPackage *people* | Remove-AppxPackage

This command will remove the application from our PC without leaving a trace. After to restart the PC, we can see that the Contacts application no longer appears in our system. If later we want to reinstall it, just download it from the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft contacts
Microsoft contacts

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Via O&O AppBuster

This is a free software, portable and easy to use that will allow us to uninstall any Microsoft application installed by default in Windows 10 or Windows 11. It even allows us to reinstall it in case we delete it and regret it later. We can download it from the developer’s website.

O&O App Buster

Once downloaded, we run the application and a main menu will appear from which we will have access to all Microsoft applications, both those included by default in the system and those that we install from the Windows Store. Thus, we only have to use the search engine to find Microsoft People and mark it. Once done, click on Remove to be permanently removed from the system.

Can I use the Contacts app in Windows 11?

With the arrival of Windows 11, Microsoft was responsible for maintaining most Windows 10 apps and tools, although some others were also lost along the way. And this is the case of the Contacts application which is no longer present in the taskbar.

Now it is rather accessible from the Mail application where it was integrated and no longer pin a contact to the taskbar for easier access. If we are still interested in using the application, we must enter the Mail application and we will see how at the bottom left we find the Switch to contacts icon on which we click.

Contacts in the Mail app

This will open a new window for the People app, which is what Microsoft originally calls Contacts in its English version. From here we will be able to import contacts from the icon Import Contacts and select the account from which the import will be made.

Import People Contacts in Windows 11

We can too add contacts manually by clicking on the icon with a plus symbol (+) from where we can insert a photo, add your name, telephone number and email address.

Add Contact to People in Windows 11

Moreover, it allows us filter contacts hide those who do not have a phone number or show only those belonging to Hotmail and Gmail accounts and who are active in the Mail application.

Filter Contacts in Windows 11 Contacts

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