Prime Video Premieres in July: “The Terminal List”, “The Good Doctor”, “Spencer” and more

“The Terminal List” stars Chris Pratt and will premiere all eight episodes on July 1. (First video)

July will be a month of exceptional outings for all tastes in First video. Of what’s new in popular medical dramas and early detective fiction the final list, until the premiere of the films spencer Yes Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins, know all the new content of films, series and programs reality which will soon arrive in the catalog of the platform.

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the final list – July 1st

Chris Pratt stars in this drama centered on an American serviceman. During a secret marine mission, James Reece’s platoon is ambushed and he is forced to return completely overwhelmed with guilt. Later, he realizes that there is something else behind this failed operation and that not only his life is in danger, but also that of the people he loves.

This is an upcoming police and military series based on the novel by Jack Carr. (Prime Video)

Masterchef Mexico Celebrity 2021 – July 1st

This is the ninth season of Masterchef Mexico and the first to feature celebrities as nominees.

spencer – July 1st

On Christmas Eve before the official separation between the princess diana and the Prince Carloswe see how Lady Di is facing his final step as part of the British Royal Family. The actress Kristen Stewart brings the historical figure to life in a film directed by the Chilean filmmaker Paul Larain.

Kristen Stewart was nominated for an Oscar for her role as Diana Spencer in this film which reimagines a passage in the life of the princess. (Neon)

do like a man – July 1st

“Raúl, Eduardo and Santiago lead happy, masculine lives from childhood, until the day Santiago told others he was gay. The impulsive Raúl is homophobic and tries to convince Santiago that it is just a simple sexual confusion, but when the situation becomes untenable, Eduardo and Raúl put aside their prejudices and decide to help Santiago in his new life. this movie with Mauricio Ochman.

Doc: a new life Season 2 – July 8

In this Italian medical drama, Dr. Andrea Fanti is a respected young chief of internal medicine who finds his life turned upside down when he is shot in the head by the father of a deceased patient. He survives, but has absolutely no memory of the last 12 years of his life, so he will have to work hard to reconnect with his peers, his family, and himself.

"Doc: a new life" is an Italian series of great success among fans of medical dramas.  (First video)
“Doc: A New Life” is an Italian series that is a big hit with fans of medical dramas. (First video)

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins – July 8

Henry Golding, Andrew Koji, Ursula Corbero, Samara Weaving and more star stars in this franchise spin-off G.I. Joe on the character Snake-eyes. In this story, the protagonist is called by the Arashikage to train in the arts of ninja warriors with the help of this ancient Japanese clan. What happens when some secrets from his past start to come to light?

murderer without memory – July 8

another story of Liam Neeson which pushes its reign into the action movie genre. The film follows an expert assassin, Alex Lewis, who faces a moral conflict. He doesn’t want to break their codes and will hunt down those who originally hired him and now want to kill him for not doing the job. The situation becomes more critical when his memory begins to fail him and he questions his every action.

Liam Neeson stars in this action movie about a murderer who loses his memory.  (First video)
Liam Neeson stars in this action movie about a murderer who loses his memory. (First video)

the good doctor Season 5 Part 2 – July 15

The second part of the fifth season will land very soon on the service diffusion. In this sequel to the series, Dr. Shaun Murphy (freddie highmore) will have to confront Lea about their bond and really figure out what this relationship means to her after all.

georgetown – July 21

Here is the official description: “Based on a true story. Ulrich Mott, an ambitious social climber, marries a wealthy widow in Washington DC to mingle with powerful politicians.”

Christoph Waltz makes his directorial debut in this feature, and also stars alongside Vanessa Redgrave and Annette Bening.  (First video)
Christoph Waltz makes his directorial debut in this feature, and also stars alongside Vanessa Redgrave and Annette Bening. (First video)

Everything is possible – 22nd of July

This film LGBTQ+ introduces us to Kelsa, a confident trans girl with high self-esteem who is in her senior year of high school. Khal is one of her classmates and he has a crush on her. Joy, tenderness and pain will characterize this youthful romance which suddenly joins the lives of both.

Anne Season 2 – July 22

The biographical series created by and starring Ana de la Reguera based on his own life will continue with more episodes. The novelties of this comedy-drama will show that Ana has signed a contract for a main role, but it is not what she expected. In the meantime, he will try not to lose patience living with his mother in Los Angeles, and he stars in a television series that reminds him of the terrible sitcoms of the 90s.

Ana de la Reguera stars in her own biographical series.  (First video)
Ana de la Reguera stars in her own biographical series. (First video)

The doorman – 22nd of July

“A woman returns home from the fight and befriends a family in New York, but she doesn’t expect a gang of thieves planning to steal the family’s valuables. She will be the one who stands between them and their lives”, is how this action and suspense film is described with Ruby Rose Yes reindeer jeans.

Dog: Wild Ride – 22nd of July

This road movie allows us to see channing tatum with a sweet traveling companion. The actor brings to life Briggs, a member of the military who travels the Pacific coast with his dog, a German shepherd named Lulu, in order to arrive in time for a soldier’s funeral. The path will not be easy, but it promises to be an emotional journey in which he will have to learn more than one lesson.

paper girls – July 29

It all starts early in the morning in 1988, the day after Halloween, when Erin, Mac, Tiffany and KJ leave to deliver the neighborhood newspapers. While riding their bikes, they are caught in the crossfire between time travelers and their lives are turned upside down. The four land in the future and must find their way back.

Four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls travel through time and their lives change forever. (First video)


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