Martín Palermo broke the silence: the real reasons for his resignation and darts to the leadership of Aldosivi


After tendering his resignation as coach of Aldosivi, Martín Palermo interviewed the directors arguing that their goals “were not the same” as those displayed by the Mar del Plata club. “It seems that my goals were not the same as those of the club. If I project something, I need it to be phased. No name (reinforcement) has been put forward because the market is very stagnant. That’s why I decided to retire,” said the 48-year-old from La Plata.

After a historic campaign in the Professional League Cup (LPF), where the port team reached the quarter-finals, the former coach of Godoy Cruz de Mendoza and Arsenal has ended his relationship with the institution from Mar del Plata. “Some things that happened led to the erosion of the situation. That’s why I ended up making this decision.” justified the historic scorer of Boca Juniors, in statements to FM Brisas (98.5).

“I feel that what we achieved was appreciated by the fans and the players. The management, no.”untangled Palermo, who criticized the fact that President José Moscuzza “was not in Mar del Plata a week before the start” of the championship.

In dialogue with Radio The NetworkPalermo gave more details about the reasons that led him to withdraw: “I never knew if we valued what was achieved. We spent two weeks without contact with management. Thus, I give the freedom to the club to choose the way of continuing to pilot “.

“We need support and a presence and it was not felt. We cannot force the way of acting and the way the club wants to do what it has been doing for many years. It all comes at a time when you put it on the scales and assess everyone’s effort. the players, us, the people, the illusion… but then it’s thinking about what’s best for the club and I prioritized that,” Titan said.

And he added: “I put everything above my possibilities because I can start the championship to see what happens and if things go wrong I will resign or they will fire us. So I give them time to hire a coach. I let them know my feelings and gave them the freedom to continue working.”

José Moscuzza spoke about the Titan’s surprise farewell

On the rumors of a short circuit with the manager, Ciro Lubranosaid: “To get to this tense or fight as it has been installed these days, no; or what was said after the match with Barracas. Here you already know and know how to act. I had a normal relationship as I had with all employees. Obviously he has a higher position than a cook or a canchero, and I dealt directly with Josesito who decided today and ended up solving the situations necessary to hire players, logistics and day-to-day daily needs. . The deepest internal management, internal, has been known and known for a long time. Other coaches or people who worked at the club have already experienced it”.

In addition, revealed an attitude he had that the club didn’t appreciate: “Previously, I didn’t meet the management of San Lorenzo because I had a contract with Aldosivi. That’s why I also felt that they weren’t supporting me with direction or valuing what I was doing. Finally, the Cyclone hired Rubén Darío Insua as DT.

For the future, Palermo has closed: “Today I have the opportunity to reintegrate myself as a coach into Argentine football After several years. I am grateful to the Moscuzza family for giving me this chance. The work has been seen, the growth and maturity. I didn’t have the drama of starting from the bottom like I did at Goody Cruz, Arsenal or Aldovisi, I’m not ashamed to say that because every coach has a background and prior growth to be ready to rise challenges. I will analyze everything, both from Argentine football and from abroad. Now, make a dead end and regain strength and the desire to stand in front of a group and pass things on. I go for everything, I am not satisfied with little things. As I have been throughout my career, I have always gone further.


While on his Instagram account, the farewell message he posted was as follows: “THANK YOU @aldosivi_oficial, it was an honor to be at the head of this institution and to be part of your story. We leave with the pride of having qualified the team for the first time in the 4th Final of the FIFA Cup. Professional League 2022 and to leave the club out of the relegation places. Thank my players who made me feel reflected in every game we played. To the fans who were with all of us. To the club employees for joining us in this project. To the Moscuzza family for trusting me. Today our paths separate, I hope that everything that comes will be for the best. Big hug”.

On your side, the top leader of Tiburón expressed his unease for the departure of the coach “four days before” the start of the tournament: “Martín (Palermo) didn’t show me anger against anyone, he only told me that he didn’t have the strength to continue”, considered the leader of the radio show “Comment ça va” (AM 550). “I thought, when I got the call, that he was going to give me the list of players he wanted for this transfer market. At no time did I imagine he was going to leave,” said Moscuzza.

Favio “Yagui” Fernández took over as interim of the professional team Aldosivi, who will face Argentinos Juniors this Monday at 9:30 p.m. as visitors, in a match corresponding to the first date of the Professional League (LPF) tournament.


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