Coldplay reaches Roger Waters’ record in River and rushes the Rolling Stones: all the figures and the explanation of the phenomenon

Mick Jagger, Roger Waters, Chris Martin and Gustavo Cerati, each with their record

December 6 last year Coldplay’s return to Argentina has been announced with a show on October 25 of this year at the Monumental Stadium. With an increasingly strong relationship with the local public added to the refusal to see live music, no one thought this would be that one appointment. But neither the most fanatical nor the most optimistic imagined that the count could reach nine, and who knows if it will stop there. In this way, Coldplay equals the achievement of Roger Waters in number of consecutive shows at River Stadium and was only two away from reaching the rolling stones in total concerts in the largest stadium in the country.

Tickets for the first show sold out in a few hours and concerts were added on the 26th and 28th. A few days later, demand forced them to join the 29th and the group began to consolidate an unexpected phenomenon. Time passed and the rage did not subside. A week ago, they added a fifth concert and the public responded again. Una semana después, ya son nueve los shows pautados para River, con ocho fechas agotadas -se agregaron el 1°, 2, 4 y 5 de noviembre- y una novena para el 7 de noviembre con la que alcanzaron el récord de Roger Waters de it’s been 10 years.

Phenomena are hard to explain, that’s why they are phenomena», warns TV show Daniel Grinbank, an authorized voice to talk about concerts and cultural production in Argentina. “Although it is above average, the truth is that the music part works very well. There is a lot of desire after the pandemic to go out and there is a sector that takes advantage of the low possibility of access at the shows,” he adds.

To endorse his words, Grinbank cites other smaller scale phenomena “People have been locked up for a long time, this variable has to do with, where you have phenomena like Duki, Wos, Bad Bunnythere is a greed that crystallizes in the shows, in a great moment of cultural consumption”, says the businessman who has just celebrated 300,000 visits with the show Imagine Van Gogh in rurality.

This will be Coldplay's fourth visit to the country.
This will be Coldplay’s fourth visit to the country.

Nobody knows where the count will end, the truth is that Coldplay was leading the box office artists in this field. A fact that may come as a surprise not to have the history or local tradition of their podium companions, but the businessman gives them the corresponding credit. “Coldplay is one of those groups that, in the history of pop music, the Argentine public adopts as its own.“Judge Grinbank. “Making a Soda Stereo song, choosing Argentina to open and close their last tour, are things that bring us together, and puts Coldplay in this circuit which includes bands like the Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden or the Ramones“, adds the businessman, encouraged to give a forecast:” I think they will beat the record “.

What is undeniable is that Martin and his team put on one of the best shows you can see in a stadium. On this occasion, they will present Music of the Spheres tour, which brings them back on the road after the pandemic and with which they intend to address sustainability initiatives and commitments to the environment. And beyond the joints, there’s an artistic solvency to endure such a feat. “They released a very good new album, the video for ‘Mon univers’ with bts it rejuvenates them and they have a history of many successes”, underlines the producer who brought artists like the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Madonna and U2 to the country for the first time.

In the exercise of trying to rationalize a popular phenomenon, Grinbank places the Monumental as another element to highlight. “The comfort of River’s stadium makes it a perfect cocktail, plus the fact that the World Cup is at the end of the year and River doesn’t play at home and allows so many shows. River has a magnet above any stadium“Says Grinbank. A stadium that will ensure for the ninth consecutive time to beat to the rhythm of hits like “Yellow”, “Clocks” and “Paradise”. And a band that seeks to keep all the records of the most important rock arena in the country, reaping the job of Roger Waters and the Rolling Stones, who, along with Soda Stereo at the local level, hold the highest marks.

nine bricks in the wall

    Roger Waters in the Nicolas Stulberg River 162
Roger Waters in the Nicolas Stulberg River 162

In 2012, Roger Waters brought his show to Argentina The live wall. For nine nights, spread between March 7 and 20, the River stadium has established itself as the pharaonic work skulled on the ashes of the Second World War which has transcended its time. The rockers who saw it in late-night venues in the late ’70s, the new generations who embraced it as their must-have album, the underdogs who didn’t want to miss a show that went far beyond a rock concert said they were present at the Monumental to witness an unforgettable show.

The barrier was stipulated at 500,000 tickets sold, and the outcry was such that it gave rise to a series of rumors linked to the artist. There was talk of a free closing concert at 9 de Julio, and even the presence of his former partner and intimate enemy David Gilmour to play in a meeting that never happened. The concrete thing was that the demand and the shortage of the Briton’s agenda to add dates was such that it was decided that the last concert would have the public standing, increasing the capacity of a stadium which had the sign of exhausted.

In 2007, Waters had already visited the Monumental to present another of his emblematic works, The Dark Side of the Moon. It was two less pyrotechnical but equally emotional nights, with Floyd classics casting a spell over a crowd that had no idea what they would see five years later. In this way, Roger adds 11 concerts at the River stadium, currently ranking second on the podium.

The Rolling Stones meet

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in 2006 at River Telam 162
Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in 2006 at River Telam 162

Before the VIP field and social networks, the first visit of the rolling stones in the country was a real phenomenon of popularity. After an infinity of rumors, the dream of the fatherland stone came true between February 9 and 16, 1995, with five full dates at the River stadium. It was estimated that around 350,000 fans viewed their Satanic Majesties, who arrived as part of the Visit to the voodoo parlor assisting the disbelievers with the legion of fanatics who worshiped them in the south of the continent.

The Brits returned twice more to the River Stadium to become the performers who walked the stage most often. In 1998, they gave five more concerts, the last two with Bob Dylan as an unforgettable opening number, and in 2006 they were a few others in the presentation of A bigger blow, completing twelve shows in the largest stadium in the country. A mark threatened by Chris Martin and his people, with the dream that the tour that begins at this time in Spain will bring them back.

totally thank you

The three Sodas at the end of the second concert, October 20, 2007. (Photo: Germán Saez –
The three Sodas at the end of the second concert, October 20, 2007. (Photo: Germán Saez –

Gustavo Cerati, Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti they ended Soda Stereo in 1997 with a small continental tour. After having conquered Latin America, built mythical places like the Gran Rex Theater and the Obras Stadium, the famous Vélez de animal song and since the massive free gig on July 9, they haven’t arrived in River until their farewell tour. It was September 20, 1997, with the “Thank you totals” improvised by Gustavo in the last chords of “De musica light” that went down in history.

Ten years later, the trio climbed the Monumental again to set a local record. There were six concerts spread between October 19 and December 21 as part of the reunion tour you will see me coming back. As a fact of color, the story of Soda and Coldplay has a connection that goes beyond the number of tickets. During their last visit in 2017, during the show held at the Ciudad de la Plata stadium, the Brits performed a sincere version of “De musica light” in tribute to Gustavo and with the corresponding salute. The story didn’t end there and Chris Martin took part as a guest virtual singer in Thank you Total. Stereo Soda. totally thank youa moving reunion with the story of the trio.

An expansive Chris Martin on his last visit to the country.  Photo: Fernando Gens/Amb
An expansive Chris Martin on his last visit to the country. Photo: Fernando Gens/Amb

With nine dates confirmed for the moment, and while waiting for the starting signal to break the record, Coldplay claims its place among the most appreciated groups by the Argentine public. They are about to write their own history, between local giants and international legends, and as the artists who best understood the stadium rock of their time. Gone was their first visit in 2007 to the Gran Rex Theatre, which saw exponential growth three years later when they made their River debut. The group returned to the country in 2016 to open and close their tour A head full of dreamswith four concerts at the La Plata stadium, which bordered the 200 thousand spectators. Time will tell how this story will end.


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