‘Stranger Things’: Eleven Guilty of Everything, Her Connection to the Upside Down World and Other Questions Season 4 Leaves

The first volume of the fourth installment of the Netflix series ends with a shocking end and opens the door to many unknowns.

season 4 of stranger things contains a good number of answers and many new unknowns. At the same time as he is closing parcels that have been developing for years, he is opening up other very interesting ones. And how. With an epic finale, it lays the groundwork to close the world of Inside Out once and for all, and inevitably many questions arise about what the expected outcome will be.

All that remains is to enjoy the last two chapters that make up season 4 of stranger things. The second volume will arrive on Netflix on July 1 and it will do so in style, with the final episode closer to a movie than a TV format. While waiting for its premiere, here we review the questions that arise after seeing this intense first volume. Of course they come SPOILERS.

Is Eleven really guilty of opening a portal to the world of Upside Down?

The shocking end of the first volume of season 4 stranger things ties into everything that’s happened so far in the series and begins to hint at how the creatures relate to Hawkins, especially Eleven.

Realizing that Numbuh 1 has murdered all the kids in the lab, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) unleashes her rage on him, sending him straight into the Upside Down and turning him into Vecna. The protagonist creates a portal to the other universe but there are many details that are not known. To start, Is she the one who opens the door to all the monsters in the Upside Down world? Is this the first portal? Or is it just an accidental entry and the creatures were going to come out anyway?

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What about Eleven’s powers and her connection to the Upside Down world?

The biggest unknowns of this season have to do with Eleven and her powers. This is a problem that has already dragged on since season 3 of stranger things, after Eleven unexpectedly loses her powers. We still don’t know why he lost his special abilities, but it likely has something to do with his connection to the Inside Out world, the other big question this season poses.

If we have already smelled something, episode 7 of season 4 of stranger things‘The Massacre at Hawkins Laboratory’ confirms this. Eleven is connected to the world of Inside Out, but how remains to be discovered. It seems that the loss of powers is related to the Mind Flayer’s attack at the end of the third episode, but it’s not clear. If there’s one plot that will dominate the remaining episodes, it’s this one.

Why is the world upside down in the past?

One of the discoveries of this season is that the Inside Out world was stuck the day Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) He disappeared. Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Steve (Joe Keery), Robin (Maya Hawke), and Eddie (Joseph Quinn) end up on the other side of the portal, to the detriment of what the Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer want to do with them. Nancy remembers that she has guns in her room, and since they’re in Hawkins’ reflection, she can go get them. Arriving home, he realizes that the world of Upside Down is set a few years ago, specifically in 1983, when the youngest of the Byers goes missing.

This baffles Nancy, and while as a viewer you may never have wondered what year the Upside Down was, now that we know that’s in the past, we need an explanation. Why didn’t he move forward in time? What’s so important about this date?

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Can Vecna ​​victims come back alive?

At the start of the season, Vecna ​​was touted as the biggest villain in the trajectory of stranger things. He seemed invincible, but the discovery of episode 7 changes things a bit. Knowing that he was a human and is related to Eleven, the door to a possible solution opens. How? We don’t know, but the Duffer brothers have something hidden.

The other big question is what happens to all of his victims. During Max’s journey, from which she is saved thanks to the music of Kate Bush, she discovers the bodies of Vecna’s victims. The boys discover that she is using the deceased to increase her psychic powers and become more powerful. But don’t forget what Numbuh 1 says to Eleven at the end of the first volume. All his victims are still alive in his mindWill this be a way to revive all the deaths Hawkins has had in these years?

Is Dr. Brenner on the side of the good guys or the bad guys?

Dr. Brenner makes a triumphant return in the fourth season and the truth is that he has us a bit confused. So far, Brenner has been one of the main antagonists. After all, he’s an adult who obsessively experiments with children, which can never be a good thing. In the fourth episode, he returns to help Eleven recover her powers and everything we’ve seen of him seems positive..

There are several factions within the government, those against Eleven and those who argue that this could be the way to save Hawkins and shut down the world of Upside Down forever. Brenner seems to belong to this second group and has been very friendly with the protagonist. However, something tells us that we cannot fully trust him.

What do the Russians have to do with all this?

Another of the open storylines concerns Russia and its connection to the Upside Down world. After seeing Hopper (David Harbour) end up in Russia after trying to close the portal to the parallel universe, it’s clear the Soviet Union’s military has a lot to say about it. Especially after seeing that the prison Hopper is in is equipped with a demogorgon.

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