Scaloni’s club secrets in his native Pujato and Lionel Messi’s silent gesture with the coach

The secrets of Sportivo Matienzo, the club where Lionel Scaloni was born

Peace reigns in Pujato. maybe that’s why Lionel Scalloni he chooses to spend his days off in his hometown if he doesn’t sneak into a bar in Rosario to work with his portable. From the access to the city by the national road 33, a poster is displayed which shows that the current coach of the Argentine team was born there. It’s a weekday and the sound of a harvest truck linking one point in Santa Fe province to another is barely heard. A few blocks from the entrance is the Sportivo Matienzo Athletic Clubwhere the DT story began albiceleste.

The streets of this town, located 40 kilometers from Rosario, are neat. The houses, low and pretty. The inhabitants are around 4,000 and in the heart of the town is the clubhouse where gringo he repeated his first auctions and races. An important structure that covers the entire islet, well laid out and painted, bears the coat of arms verdiblanco of the establishment. Next to the front door a brand new bicycle is propped up, without chains or anyone to watch it. This is the postcard that perfectly describes Pujato.

The Gringo Scaloni, with the flag of Pujato (Santa Fe) during the consecration of the Sub 20 led by Pekerman at the World Cup in Malaysia 97

Two or three leaders are sitting in the offices and are happy to explain why there is an Argentinian jersey with Lionel Messi’s 10, signed by the Argentinian captain, on the bust of a mannequin. For 600 pesosclub members, team supporters and all townspeople can get a number for the raffle that will take place in August: one lucky person will have the privilege of winning the badge albiceleste with the crest of the Copa América champion. The product (the thousand issues available are almost sold out) will go to a fund with which they will pay part of the assembly of a platform for the ground where the children play, which will also be lit. Everything, logically, was thanks to the direction of Scaloni. From Lionel, yes, but also from Mauro, older brother and heart of Sportivo Matienzo.

Mauro Scalloni (Grade 76), two years Lionel’s senior, had a career on par with his younger brother, but without his starring role. They sucked football for their father Ángel, nicknamed chick, in the paddocks, the vacant lots and the abundant acres of grass of the commune. The Scaloni joined in the early 90s the inferiors of by Newell and he was Disordertireless right winger closely followed by José Pekerman for the youth teams, who jumped to the first division in 1995. Mauro, also a midfielder, barely reached the reserve Red and black although all the same was part of the transfer of Meadow to the students of La Plata.

Lionel and Mauro Scaloni, during his transfer to Deportivo La Coruña in 1997
Lionel and Mauro Scaloni, during his transfer to Deportivo La Coruña in 1997

The springboard for Lionel Sebastián Scaloni’s professional career was the Under 20 World Cup in Malaysia, in which he was a figure of Argentina along with Walter Samuel, Juan Román Riquelme and Pablo Aimar, among others. His tremendous performance throughout the competition (with a goal against Brazil in the quarter-finals) convinced the leaders of the Sporting La Coruña to buy it. Mauro, without a parchment in Argentine Premier League football, was once again part of the operation and signed a contract with his brother. Between 1998 and 2006, Lionel played nearly 400 games with the Galician team and won three titles (the Spanish league, the Spanish Supercup in 2000 and the Copa del Rey in 2002). The eldest of the Scaloni shared countless experiences with the miner, although he only had official action in the Fabril, subsidiary team.

Mauro’s professional and contractual relationship frayed in 2006, the year Lionel played his first and only World Cup with the Major in Germany. The first semester he moved to London to play with the West Hamwhile in the second he acted for the Santander Racing (Then he will play several seasons in Lazio before ending his career in Mallorca and Atalanta). Mauro’s football dreams were shattered, but his love for football was stronger. Since then, between the rural chores in the family fields near Pujato, he put the Matienzo club on his shoulder and strengthened all its infrastructure with economic injections, but fundamentally with hours of dedication and sacrifice.

Tati, the all-terrain employee that Sportivo Matienzo de Pujato has
Tati, the all-terrain employee that Sportivo Matienzo de Pujato has

father, who is actually called Leonardo Holgado, reports on this. It is difficult to classify this man in a profession, because he is a jack-of-all-trades. Guardian, canchero, sweeper, everything he touches. Throughout each day, he traces several comings and goings in a apartment between the headquarters of Matienzo, where the tennis, paddle tennis, 5-a-side football and pétanque courts are located, and a closed area where mini-volleyball, mamivóley, competitive volleyball are practiced , taekwondobasketball and football (when it rains), and where the Primera plays. father has no fixed hours: It opens early in the morning and closes at the end of the day. Receive provisions for the buffet and check orders, invoice court tenants, check that everything is in order, works. But if he has to choose an activity, he prefers those that he practices on the grass: “What could be better than that. Mow the lawn, breathe clean, healthy air »he said delightedly removing a green cap with the Matienzo shield from his head and facing the sun.

Logically, Infobae He inquired about the fate of Mauro Scaloni, who also frequents the club every day and controls the various works that are carried out on the property (planting of the grass, repairs to the auxiliary pitch, renovation of the changing rooms, conditioning of the mangrullo of where they film and narrate the matches, paint and even plant trees to start generating shadows in certain sectors of the large hacienda), but finding him was impossible. Alerted by the presence of a medium, he quickly fled to his field. Every official identified with Matienzo warned the same: “It’s impossible for me to talk to you because you have too low a profile”. Pujato is his refuge and persisting in seeking a conversation -even if it was extinguished- has become even overwhelming.

Mauro Scaloni (holding the gray verdiblanca diver and the white rectangle flag), as part of a Santa Fe government donation of money for Matienzo and Atlético de Pujato to improve their facilities
Mauro Scaloni (holding the gray verdiblanca diver and the white rectangle flag), as part of a Santa Fe government donation of money for Matienzo and Atlético de Pujato to improve their facilities

The property is six years old and the structure that was built there is just over three years old. Today Sportivo Matienzo de Pujato, thanks to genuine resources, state aid and the constant contribution of the Scaloni family, has had the luxury of officially competing again in the Casildense League (the most competitive in region) after eight years of disaffiliation. It has a main court, an auxiliary court and one for young people and children, which have an accessory in which, in addition to the material, they have boots to use during training and matches (all supplied by the Scaloni). Automatic irrigation and reseeding with seeds combats frost burn on lawns during periods of low temperatures. In addition to the installation of a motorized entrance door, the work of a local blacksmith, is added the imminent delivery of a washing machine which will avoid the costs of moving to a laundry room. Everything is effort, everything is lung.

The club is full of life and movement every day, practically at all hours. On the weekend, the lower (Saturday), the reserve and the first (Sunday) compete. And as if it were the town of Avellaneda, where the Independiente and Racing stadiums are only a few meters from each other, Pujato also has the Derby of the city between Matienzo and Atlético, who owns a property that looks between some tall trees from the vantage point of his staunch rival’s field. Last week, the city vibrated for a new edition of the Pujatense classic and there was pica: the Click on (Atletico) celebrated their qualification for the playoffs, but the ranero (Matienzo) won 2-0 as a visitor. From a certain distance, Disorder Scaloni clenched his fist with this victory…


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