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The desire to make up for lost time and a more conscious hedonism, which combines disconnection and pleasure with healthy habits, therapies and destinations, lay the foundations for new well-being. The pandemic has sparked the search for options to achieve reassessed physical, mental and emotional well-being and the desire to connect with nature. Taking care of yourself and having fun at the same time is not only possible, but necessary.

Well-being is a global, broad and undogmatic concept. Non-transferable, as everyone feels good in their own way, but easy to share in retreats, many on weekends, which include everything from essential yoga to cooking classes to learn healthy eating, forest baths, meditation, silent walks, Tibetan bowl therapy…

What is imposed are methods for better sleep, stress management programs and disconnection from social networks

Hotels, farms and spas no longer just use watery spaces and graceful massages to attract those seeking wellness in all caps. Travel destinations such as those offered by (next are Healthy Ibiza and the Algarve); the reset offered by in Extremadura, with menus designed by Teresa Sartorius, Cordon Bleu chef and health coach…

“We can now speak of wellness tourism, which comes in search of a complete and holistic experience, with programs and treatments, both traditional and state-of-the-art, which together with the aquatic area, the food and mindfulness activities, provide benefits for the body, mind and soul, that is to say, an integral well-being”, says Núria Camins, manager of the Wellness Center of the PGA Catalunya Golf and Wellness (

Outdoor swimming pool to enjoy a relaxing day at the PGA Catalunya Golf and Wellness center

“Next-generation spas have everything to create personalized programs that achieve specific goals,” says Camins. “The union of specific equipment to work at the cellular level and which goes where the hands cannot, the oxygen chamber, cryotherapy… and also without forgetting manual therapy”, he explains.

“The role of the nutritionist is also essential in learning which products benefit each person according to their objective and the best way to cook them,” she explains. The future? “The new generation is asking for longer wellness stays, lots of human contact, lots of empathy from the team and deeper treatments with faster impact,” predicts the PGA expert.

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Natura Bisse building

What is needed now is a multidisciplinary approach that includes relaxation and beauty treatments, yes, but also methods for better sleep, stress management programs and disconnection from social networks. A reset that aims to change habits to refocus intentions.

“Wellness retreats become an opportunity to stop and reflect on our daily life, to reconnect emotionally, to recover energy and to take a step back from our lives”, says psychologist Elena Palacio van Isschot .

“They are a resource that can promote mental health, provided that quality service is offered, with qualified professionals and accredited experience,” he points out. In order to choose a retreat that is worthwhile, it is important to find out about the type of practices it offers, how long they have been in development and whether their therapeutic effectiveness has been demonstrated. In addition, it is important to ask oneself if its philosophy is aligned with our values”, advises the specialist.

The pandemic has sparked the search for options to achieve reassessed physical, mental and emotional well-being

“The withdrawals can be part of a reorganization of priorities. In this case, the experience they provide is not necessarily pleasant in every way, but it will be a personal challenge, ”adds the psychologist. Betting on well-being does not always involve economic expenditure. “It may be enough to leave the city and reconnect with nature, sleep under the stars, exercise and breathe in the fresh air,” says psychologist Elena Palacio.

“Wellness begins the moment you become aware of yourself,” says PGA’s Núria Camins. Also in the bedroom “with well-being stimuli such as aromatherapy, the practice of meditation before going to sleep, a space to stretch your muscles in the morning or even a minibar with healthy and fresh food. They will have all this in the new Wellness Suites that will be inaugurated soon at the Hotel Camiral, in the same complex as the PGA (

Improve sleep quality

This is one of the rising trends in the wellness world. The Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona – you have to be attentive to its ephemeral offers – welcomes in May a selection of therapeutic treatments from the Australian brand Subtle Energies, backed by more than 30 years of clinical research and carried out by its international experts. Her holistic sleep support therapy includes ancient practices to combat insomnia, guided meditation, body massage designed to release tension, facial massage with active ingredients that stimulate the pineal gland, and oil application. nasal (Nasya). 1h45, 250 euros.

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Products for healthy and beautiful skin

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Skincare water that perfumes the body and stimulates the mind. Fresh and aromatic, it smells of well-being. Perfect after a yoga session or to lift your spirits. Clarins Extraordinary Water53 euros

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Moisturizing and aromatic body cream, with lavender and vetiver, to calm the mind and promote sleep. From the wellness line of The body store25 euros


Gift box, in the form of a calendar, with 13 products designed to regain physical and emotional well-being. Summer of Joy by Rituals€59.90.

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