Netflix: first series in June 2022

If there’s one series that will be hard to say goodbye to, it’s Peaky Blinders. Steven Knight’s production ends with a sixth season in which his showrunner described as “the best of all”, while ensuring that a film about the Shelby family will see the light of day. On another side, the streaming service presents the Korean version of money theft and the fourth season of the excellent Borgen.

Here are the main series coming to Netflix in June:

Borgen: kingdom, power and glorynetflix

The brilliant creation of Adam Price He arrived on Danish television no less than 12 years ago and remains relevant for his scathing portrayal of the political sphere. Therefore, the fourth season – in which the slogan of Kingdom, Power and GloryThis is one of the big Netflix bets of the month, a return more than expected. On this occasion, according to what the streaming service communicated, the production will put the magnifying glass on how “the career of Minister Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen) is in danger as an oil dispute threatens to become an international crisis” .

In this fourth episode, we will meet Nyborg in the role of the new Minister of Foreign Affairs. While in this new position, a company discovers oil in Greenland, a pivotal event that triggers an international conflict over control of the Arctic.. Birgitte will attempt to navigate the situation with her vast experience in tow, while Katrine Fønsmark (Birgitte Hjort Sørensen) returns to the world of journalism at a major national television station. Available from June 2.

Peaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders

Another huge fiction arrives on the streaming platform in June, in this case to conclude definitively. It’s nothing less than Peaky Blinders, Steven Knight’s production which, throughout its six seasons, has unquestionably maintained its quality. The British crime drama says goodbye this month with the Shelbys suffering a “devastating loss”. “The end of Prohibition turns Tommy into the opium trade, forcing him to ally himself with his enemies.“, revealed Netflix on the journey of its fascinating protagonist, Thomas Shelby, embodied by Cillian Murphy. From what we saw in the trailerthe sixth season will begin with a latent threat to the British parliament.

Peaky Blinders: here is the shocking trailer for the sixth and final season

In this context of uncertainty about the direction of the country and the world in the face of the Second World War, the Shelbys will see their business threatened and it will be Tommy who will have to face these setbacks. This is how his sister Ada lets him know (Sophie Rundle): “One of us won’t be here for a long time”, he says and thus traces the dark panorama that fiction will show when he leaves. “woozy is back and with a bang. After the forced delay in production due to the Covid pandemic, we find the family in extreme danger and the stakes have never been higher. We think this will be the best season ever and we’re sure our amazing fans will love it.”, Knight said, proud of what has been accomplished.

Cillian Murphy in one of the great roles of her career
Cillian Murphy in one of the great roles of her career

Peaky Blinders It arrived on Netflix in 2013 and quickly became a smash hit thanks to its riveting portrayal of a Birmingham gang. Recently, its showrunner and screenwriter confirmed that the story will not have its end point yet and will return in the form of a feature film. “After the sixth season, I will start writing the filmwhich will take place and be shot in Birmingham, and that’s probably the end of the road for Peaky Blinders as we know it,” he promised. Available from June 10.

the first death
the first deathBRIAN DOUGLAS / NETFLIX – Netflix

VE Schwab’s series based on his own short story seems, a priori, to have all the accessories to become a success aimed at the public. teenager, with a slight influence of Romeo and Juliet william shakespeare. As for its premise, Netflix has provided some details. “Falling in love isn’t easy for teenage girls Juliette and Calliope. One is a vampire, the other is a vampire slayer…and both are out to kill.” spread the podium on the kick of this production which has Sarah Catherine Hook Already Iman Lewis as the protagonists of this LGBTQ+ fiction with two very strong women at the center of the story.

Actress Emma Roberts is one of the producers of the supernatural drama in which we will see how the young lovers will have the impulse to commit suicide, but will not be able to do so although they come from two very different worlds which constantly lead them in that direction.. the first death It has in its cast the names of Elizabeth Mitchell, Will Swenson, Aubin Wise, Jason Robert Moore, Gracie Dzienny and Phillip Mullings Jr. Available from June 10.

The Umbrella Academy
The Umbrella Academynetflix

Success The Umbrella Academy will return, according to what Netflix has reported, with a “third season full of surprises”, but these twists in the series are well guarded. Steve Blackman’s series based on the old My Chemical Romance graphic novel, Gerard Way (with illustrations by Gabriel Bá), showed us, at the start of its gripping story, the unexpected birth of 43 children, who came in the world without their parents mothers noticed signs of pregnancy. One group was adopted by businessman Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore), the creator of the Umbrella Academy in which the children’s special abilities were cultivated. When Reginald dies, his children reunite as adults to investigate the reasons for this departure and, with their respective powers, save the world, a constant in their lives.

Although more details about what will happen in this third installment have not yet been announced, Elliot Page has presented his character on his social networks, which now has a different name. The actor shared the news on his Twitter account, along with an image of his role in the new season. “Meet Viktor Hargreeves”wrote with a emoji of umbrella and the contents mentioned.

The tweet and image Elliot Page shared about his character in The Umbrella Academy
The tweet and image Elliot Page shared about his character in The Umbrella Academycatches

“What drew me to this series was something I had never seen before, and it was these children who are forced into extremely dangerous situations, children who have been exploited, turned into merchandising, turned into comics, which made them feel like it was fun and great. These characters go on a journey of trying to heal. I think a lot of people can relate to that in different ways.said Page in an exclusive interview with LA NACION. Available from June 22.

The Paper House: Korea
The Paper House: Koreanetflix

Exactly a month ago, Netflix announced the advance and release date of the adaptation of this phenomenon created by Álex Pina, money theft. “A thief who steals a petty cash dies in the process or ends up in jail. But a thief who steals on a large scale can change the world and even become a hero. Let’s do the biggest robbery in history, the public will see this show live, and support us”, could we hear in preview of the Korean version of the flight thriller that premiered on Netflix in 2017 and won the International Emmy for Best Drama Series the following year, marking its global success. The Pina production was filmed in seven countries: Spain, Thailand, Denmark, Panama, Portugal, Italy and the UK, and now this brand new adaptation is on the way to release.

“Thieves steal the newly minted currency of a unified Korea. With hostages trapped, the police must arrest them and their masterminds,” Netflix said of The Paper House: Korea, in the trailer of which you can see the whole group, consisting of the seven thieves, among which is the unforgettable Tokyo (Jeon Jong Seo). Fiction has in its cast, among other names, Yoo Ji Tae as “The Professor” kim yunjin as an investigator in charge of the investigation. Available from June 24.

love and anarchy
love and anarchynetflix

The return of the seductive romantic comedy love and anarchy It took a while, but finally it arrived this month on the platform. Created and co-written by Lisa Langseth, the Swedish series honors Sofie (Ida Envoll), who lives a peaceful daily life with her husband and children which begins to weigh on her when she notices how much he does not commune with her most restless and curious nature. The twist comes when she meets, at the publishing house where she starts working, a computer scientist, the young Max (Björn Mosten), who finds a compromising photo of Sofie, the starting point of a morbid game between the two. in which they extort with innocent dares that range in crescendo.

Sofie and Max in Love and Anarchy
Sofie and Max in Love and Anarchy

The fiction, which in its second season will delve into the complexity of the bond between Sofie and Max, shows the traumas with which an imperfect woman lives who does not know how to manage the changes due to a complex past that has left its mark. Likewise, love and anarchy not only alludes to the generational clashes in the relationship of its protagonists, but also to the disparity of voices that lurk in this editorial who seeks the balance between the classic and the openness to new ways of telling, of communicating, of seeing the world. No release date set yet.

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