Martín Palermo resigned at Aldosivi: surprise in Mar del Plata due to the premature departure of his coach

SILVER SEA.- Martín Palermo resigned this Monday in Aldosivi. The coach, who had a good campaign with Tiburón in the 2022 League Cup, had started pre-season ahead of the next local competition which starts this weekend, but unexpectedly walked out.

The novelty has not been formalized by the institution but it has been recognized and confirmed by the environment of the former Boca player, who arrived here after the departure of Fernando Gago and manager of the team for the past eight months.

It’s true that the last game Palermo coached with Aldosivi was in the 5-0 win over Racing in the League Cup quarter-finals. But he got to this stage after qualified in the top four of Zone 2 of the championship. As fourth ranked, they had reached that position by adding 20 points in 14 games, the product of 6 wins, two draws and 6 defeats, scoring 17 goals and conceding 16.

Now Aldosivi will have to find a replacement urgently, because Tiburón made his Professional League debut for this Monday, June 6 at 9:30 p.m. as a visitor to Argentinos Juniors. It is almost a given that he will arrive at this start with an emergency trainer. Most likely, this role will be assigned to Favio “Yagui” Fernandezin charge of the reservation.

When he visited the Estudiantes ground as DT of Aldosivi, one of the clubs where he is an idolPhotobars

The team had gone from top to bottom, because the home defeat against Arsenal by 2-1, in Mar del Plata, in the last appointment of the group zone and after having started by winning this game, had already generated some discomfort. And Palermo had warned after this meeting: “The reality is that we have made mistakes that we cannot make. The classification we got in the Coupe de la Ligue is good and the Aldosivi fans trust that we will give up everything to give them joy, but we will have to improve because Racing come at a very good time and we can pay dearly for every mistake”. Later, the well-known story, the great triumph of the Academy by 5-0.

This last period of his administration had had a bittersweet taste: he had carried out a series of five consecutive wins it put him in the qualifying zone in the last League Cup and it was enough to advance to the next round despite adding defeats in the last four games of this instance.

The reasons why the former Boca center-forward made the decision to resign? In Ciudad Feliz, relatives of Aldosivi leaders say the reason is a personal situation in Palermo. But some tension had arisen between the coach and Aldosivi’s football management, whose leader is businessman José Moscuzza (accompanied by his son, vice-president of the institution) and Cyrus Lubrano as a manager. With the latter, he would have entered into a difficult relationship which led to this brutal outcome.

Palermo, according to sources close to him, He also expected more muscular gestures of support from the club to face this new stage. Especially when the return from relegation looms on the horizon, an issue that still keeps the Mar del Plata club among the possible candidates if they fail to maintain a good campaign.

To date, he had not received any news of reinforcements, who moreover needed to have better possibilities, but also the possible departure of some of his figures does not stop ringing. He speaks in particular of Martín Cauteruccio, the striker, who would have proposals from Rosario Central and San Lorenzo.

Aldosivis coach Martín Palermo (left) kisses Boca Juniors coach Sebastián Battaglia before a match between Aldosivi and Boca Juniors as part of the 2021 Professional League Tournament at José María Minella Stadium on November 8, 2021 in Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Aldosivis coach Martín Palermo (left) kisses Boca Juniors coach Sebastián Battaglia before a match between Aldosivi and Boca Juniors as part of the 2021 Professional League Tournament at José María Minella Stadium on November 8, 2021 in Mar del Plata, Argentina.Marcos Brindicci – Getty Images South America

Palermo’s campaign at the Tiburón was positive, even improved and brought up a very bad team under the management of Fernando Gago. The Palermo cycle was Aldosivi positive even beyond the final result scored. Under his leadership, the team he played 27 games, won 12, drew 5 and lost 10. In the last contest he opted for a direct game and the double 9 composed of Martín Cauteruccio, one of the figures, and Santiago Silva.

Aldosivi’s improving play and positive numbers had positioned Palermo to make the professional leap. So much so that he had been one of the candidates to become by coach from San Lorenzo, before the Cyclone ended up tilting towards Rubén Insúa. But the Titan had said no to fulfill its contract with Aldosivi.

Matias CaruzzoCiclón’s brand new football coordinator, said he spoke with nine coaches before defining to the new helmsman who took an increasingly hot iron. The search for a DT had become a kind of reality show in which different leaders participated and names of candidates emerged who seemed to go through a casting. Among those targeted have passed Rubén Insua, Néstor Gorosito, Mauricio Pellegrino, Sebastián Méndez and Martín Palermo, among others. Finally, as we said, the chosen one was “someone from the house”: Insua.

Silva and Cauteruccio against Independent;  Aldosivi's double 9 was very well understood
Silva and Cauteruccio against Independent; Aldosivi’s double 9 was very well understoodJorge Matías Baravalle – FotoBAIRES

But they weren’t the only big club where Palermo was mentioned. Just over a month ago, when Sebastián Battaglia was about to be fired from Boca, it was mentioned in the corridors of La Bombonera: Palermo was a worker who had become mouth idol. He felt comfortable at the table of humility: suddenly, the Mar del Plata team was the revelation of the League Cup, with almost the same means as Gago. Was Juan Román Riquelme spying on him? “I’m not talking about Boca”warns the Titan, the balance trainer, who listened from afar to the murmurs of the Bombonera.

“I would think so, yes. at some point, opportunity will touch me. But I can’t lock myself in as my only goal is to lead Bocaotherwise I close the doors everywhere. It is also the wish of the students…”, counted, a long time ago.

Now Palermo has surprised the decision and been released at a time no one expected. Everyone saw him sitting on Aldosivi’s bench in next Monday’s debut against the Argentinos. This will not be the case.

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