Maju Lozano, very severe on the agreement between Facundo Arana and Romina Gaetani: “It doesn’t like it”

maju lozano commented on the agreement between Arana Faculty Yes Romina Gaetani and it was very hard. The driver maintained that she “kinda likes it” because the issue of violence is very serious.

invited to blondesthe program of Marcela Tinayre on Net TV, the host of Every afternoon (El Nueve) spoke about the end of the confrontation between Arana and Gaetani. “The problem for me is over. I feel like it’s not my story, it’s not my novel, I talked about something where there were 15 witnesses…I think it’s good that they agree, they have a different type of relationship“, he started to say.

And fired: “As a spectator she likes that little by little, the question of violence is very serious“. In turn, he maintained that he does not know Facundo, beyond the professional sphere. “I don’t know Facundo Arana, I’ve only seen him once, I’m sitting outside… I don’t think it has to do with me I went with the truth and there is talk of a place where things can be checked“, he added.

“I don’t feel like I exposed myself, what everyone does next with their experience is their own, seems like very tricky questions to me, there have been a lot of people who have come out saying they believe him“Maju Lozano closed on the subject. Despite his harsh words, a few hours later he gave a note to THEIR (US TV) and She maintained that she was scared because Arana could also bring her to justice..

What does the agreement between Facundo Arana and Romina Gaetani say?

Romina Gaetani and Facundo Arana They reached an agreement after their one-on-one meeting at a hotel in the autonomous city of Buenos Aires. According to Diego Suarez Mazzea, head of press and communication of Ignatius Trimarcothe actress’s lawyer, were able to iron out the rough edges and they will not go to court.

On the afternoon of Sunday, May 29, Mazzea shared an official statement on her Instagram account which was replicated by all parties involved in the scandal. He explains himself: “Through this notice, he informs them and makes it known that On Friday May 27 of this year, at night, a private meeting took place between Mr. Facundo Arana and Mrs. Romina Gaetani.respectively accompanied by their sponsor lawyers, Ferdinand Mocking and Ignatius Trimarcoby virtue of the conflict between the two, of public and notorious knowledge”.

” During this time, the parties set out the facts for which they considered themselves wronged, each maintaining their positionspecifying on this occasion the context in which these remarks were made, but because of their human quality and their honesty, succeeded in reaching an agreement, without resorting to the judicial sphere, avoiding jurisdictional waste. Wait. Drs. Fernando Burlando and Ignacio Trimarco”, informs the lawyers’ letter.

What happened between Maju Lozano and Facundo Arana

maju lozano He broke the silence and gave strong details about the episode of abuse he went through with Arana Faculty. In your program, Every afternoon (The nine), The driver recalled the violence she suffered from the actor during an interview.

The driver was part of the program vertigo (Telefe) in 2010 and in a program of the cycle that he was to interview Isabelle Macedoformer partner of Arana Faculty. After being in a relationship with the actress, Arana began a romantic relationship with Marie Susani, with whom he has three children. Faced with this situation, Maju asked: “Was it necessary to have so many children? Wasn’t it enough for you to have a Labrador Retriever?

But now, according to maju lozanothe unpleasant episode with the actor happened in 2014 during the radio cycle Lalo by Done (The 100). “Before tearing off the note, he began to whisper to me, and with a piece of paper he had in a bag he started hitting him and talking to me about something i didn’t understand. Because he was very nervous. I was waiting. When I grabbed to see what he was talking about, it was a photocopy of the cover of Gente magazine where he was with his family“Introduce the cheerleader.

The situation was fully armed, and what he told me was that he had screwed up his family. Five years had passed and I no longer remembered what we had talked about (with Isabel Macedo). He got maddening, got up and kept yelling at me, and there was so much violence at that time that the first thing i know is to stop and protect myself. I left the other side of the table,” he said.

And followed by:It wasn’t bullshit, it was physically violent. Let us also agree that he was what he is. It’s not a pair, it’s a mega star. If you had so many things to tell me, why did you last five years? Why didn’t you call me if we have a very common friend?

“At that time, I had a bad time, I didn’t have a backup. Nobody stopped him, because everyone was surprised. It was very aggressive all of a sudden, strange. Because in addition, he had prepared what he was going to do. In a moment when he starts yelling at me, i start yelling at him. I no longer knew how to defend myself because he wasn’t listening to me. If I had to apologize, I asked because it wasn’t personal,” he said. maju lozano.

Maju Lozano vs. Facundo Arana

To all of this, the presenter ended up revealing that Arana said the same line to Romina Gaetani: “When I stop and say ‘What? are you going to hit me?‘. and he told me ‘if you were a man I would shit you with a punchif. I was shaking like a leaf.”

Also, before going into the details of this violent episode, the figure of The new one echoes the statements of Romina Gaetani on Arana Faculty and on Twitter he condemned: “Few listened to us, but fortunately everything happens, the truth always triumphs, even if it takes many years to wait for it“.


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