How much hair is it normal to fall per day?

Losing a few strands of hair during the day is normal, whether you wash your hair, comb it or at night, and shouldn’t be a concern. However, hair loss can be made worse by certain specific health conditions or in the face of certain emotions.

According to the explanation of the Spanish medical institution Parque de Salud MAR (Sea Health Park), it is normal for some hair to fall out during the day; however, when it exceeds 100 strands per day, it may be of concern. In this sense, it is important to assess what other health problems may be causing hair loss.

According to the publication of the aforementioned institution, several factors can affect the health of hair and therefore cause hair loss. But, first of all, it is necessary to differentiate between the two hair loss processes.

On the one hand, there are effluvia, which refers to a sudden hair loss. “Some odors appear soon after the process is set up and become evident after a month or two. These are cases secondary to the use of chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer, hormonal alterations, protein or vitamin deficiencies”, they specify.

Likewise, This type of falls can be caused by emotional factors, such as emotional stress, or as a result of other physical processes such as surgeries, childbirth, infections, or nutritional deficiencies.

The other type of hair loss is alopecia. According to another institution, Mayo Clinic, This condition can affect one or more areas of the scalp, but also other areas of the body, and can occur for different reasons such as hereditary factors, hormonal changes or aging.

According to Eduardo López Bran, Director of the Imema Clinic and Head of the Dermatology Service of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital, consulted by vogue, The time to worry is when you notice excessive hair loss or thinning hair. At this point, it is advisable to go to a dermatologist, identify the possible causes that provoke it and assess whether it can still be treated in time.

Among other red flags, the article notes that care should be taken if:

  • There is also eyebrow hair loss or tabs.
  • In case the fall goes away circular bald spots in different areas of the scalp.
  • If there is itch in the area where the density is lower.
  • If the hair loss mainly affects the front hairline.
  • If it’s obvious redness or swelling around the follicles.
  • If the area where the hair has been lost is well defined and looks like scar.

The best herbs to stop hair loss

The Body Mind portal warns that there is no cure for all baldness. Experts recommend determining the cause of baldness in order to begin appropriate treatment.

According to the aforementioned website, hair loss can be caused by factors such as genetics, mainly in men. Although this is also due to other causes, “such as fungal infections, taking certain medications, aggressive cosmetic treatments (permanent, lacquered, etc.), thyroid dysfunction, hormonal changes (especially in women) or stress”.

Among the herbal remedies recommended by specialists are guava leaves. For your preparation Add a handful of guava leaves to a liter of water and bring them to a boil. Thereafter, a vigorous massage is applied to the scalp and then the hair must be washed daily.

Another herb that experts recommend is rosemary, which is good for promoting blood circulation. To prepare this home remedy, you need to crush a bunch of rosemary leaves and put them in a cup of water. It is enough to exert massages with this mixture on the scalp twice a day, as explains the site

Horsetail is also one of those herbs that provide benefits to the hair. On specify that this plant “contains cysteine, selenium and silica, minerals with a recognized ability to promote hair growth and strengthen existing hair”.

To prepare this remedy, you need to boil one liter of water with seven tablespoons of horsetail, seven rosemary leaves and seven nettle leaves, for five minutes. Later, you need to let it sit for ten minutes and strain the lotion. “Apply it to the hair after using the shampoo, massaging it in. There is no need to rinse it out,” points out.

Ginger has many health functions, it is also a powerful ally for hair care. This root can be mixed with sesame oil, as well as olive or jojoba oil. To benefit from the benefits of ginger, you must apply the mixture “on the scalp with a gentle massage to stimulate blood circulation and leave to act for ten minutes“, they explain in Finally, you should wash your hair as usual.

According to the Body Mind portal, hehe flowers and leaves of the nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus) have antibiotic, stimulating and regenerative properties. You can “apply a daily massage with the decoction, combined with nettle and rosemary,” they recommend on the aforementioned site.

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