his analysis of the 2022 World Cup and whether it reaches 2026

“It’s clear that there are no easy opponents. We know that from experience. During the last World Cup, we celebrated the group and we ended up getting complicated…”.

Leo Messi speak with experience. He does not get carried away with the typical Argentinianism that led him to clench his fist when they went out in the bolilleros Mexico, Poland and Saudi Arabia. Of course, we avoid heavy rivals who could have fallen from the other pots, but here all the games are complex. The most recent antecedent, to which 10 refers, speaks for itself: The national team suffered a lot to pass a group against Croatia, Nigeria and Iceland.

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If for this World Cup the figure of Robert Lewandowski appears as one of the great threats of the group stage, Messi praised and appreciated the shapes of the Tata Martino’s Mexico: “It’s a team that has always complicated us, they play well, they have a very clear idea, with a coach who knows us very well. It’s going to be difficult, like against Poland”analyzed the second rival of this first stage in Qatar (26/11 at 4:00 p.m.).

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“By name I preferred teams with fewer names to play us later”, lamented the captain of the national team. And that has its reasons: thinking of the round of 16, the team will face France, Peru/Australia – United Arab Emirates, Denmark or Tunisia, depending on the places in the group. If Scaloni goes first, they go against second in that area; if it’s escorts, it’s the other way around. In this sense, and assuming that the Gauls win their group and the national team as well, a complicated crossing could appear (Peru or Denmark), but not against a power.

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Already well immersed in the reality of French football, Messi went to the feet of the last world champions: “France are impressive, they ended up being champions. The blow of the European Championship made him grow as a team. For this World Cup, she will be a candidate again.”he detailed in dialogue with TyC Sports from Bilbao, where the national team is concentrated for the Finalissima against Italy at Wembley.

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Speaking of tanos, like all football fans, it was surprising that they were left out for the second consecutive World Cup: “The thing with Italy is crazy. That they won the European Championship and are not in the World Cup, with what Italy means in the history of World Cups… It’s too bad, I have teammates and friends, two great people (for Donnarumma and Verratti). I’m sorry.”.

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Will you participate in the 2026 World Cup?

A few months ago, he drew attention by saying he was going to “rethink a lot of things”, in reference to his participation in the next World Cup in Canada, Mexico and the United States. And now, Messi He spoke again about this situation, which seems more like a desire of the Argentines than the reality itself: “The other time I said that after the World Cup I had to rethink things. I I don’t know. I’m thinking about it now, then I’ll see. Look what happened now. I never thought I was going to play anywhere other than Barcelona. Lots of things can happen. Football is very changeable. Honestly, it seems difficult to me to play another World Cup. Now I think about this one, another one will be very difficult.”

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Sure, Leo will then be 39 years old. and several kilometers higher than now. A statistic supports his not so positive thinking: no player in history has played in six World Cups. Today, Messi is second in this table with four (2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018) and in Qatar he will go to first place along with other great legends. For now, you have to take advantage of it on a daily basis…

More than 10 sentences

– “It’s always a joy to come here in the national team. We’ve been saying it for a long time. We see on TV and on the networks that it’s a nice group, that we had a good time. We came to win and that helps to make it so.”

-“I never imagined what happened after the Copa America. The joy after so many fights… To achieve something with the national team, after many sad summers, having a bad time, losing finals … It was a different summer this summer “Happiness was complete. And I had thought that everything would continue the same way as all my life. And between everything that happened (his departure from Barcelona) and it was hard. It was a tough year, honestly. The adaptation was not easy. After a life in the same place, it’s not easy because of age. Maybe younger, wanting it, but I didn’t think so…”.

– “I remember that the first day of school was terrible. We said to ourselves what were we doing here, what had happened… They are all three monsters. Tiago understands the situation, he keeps things to himself, he didn’t say anything”. He ended up adapting quickly. Same Mateo, another character. It makes connections faster. And Ciro, it was the first time, the one that worried us the least. It was very good, it is very reassuring.”

“I had to get used to a different way of playing. Accustomed all my life to playing one way, getting to a place where football is seen in a different way and with new teammates. That was all new. In addition to that, I started late because I arrived late at the club. Later, a blow to the knee. I couldn’t finish starting. During the holidays, I believed that it was going to pass. And the Covid caught me. It hit me very hard. Symptoms like most, cough, sore throat, fever, but it left me with sequelae in my lungs… A month and half without running because it had affected me. Not to scare me, but they tell you so many things that they would say to you “I wanted to start, but it was worse. Later, when I was halfway through, the Real Madrid thing happened in the Champions League and it killed us. Me, the locker room, Paris… We were very excited about how the match went. of Real Madrid I already knew, I experienced it up close. I knew it could happen, they come out of nowhere to give you a goal and you change the game. I knew on this pitch the first 15 minutes would come to you and if that happened the game would change. I knew it could happen and it happened to us and the other teams.”

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