CT in Rafaela. Agustín Canapino: landslide victory, millions and championship leader

A landslide victory, another show of superiority. Nothing seems to stop Agustín Canapino in Argentine motorsport in 2022: the man from Arrecife is the main protagonist of Turismo Carretera and also of TC2000. A crowd at the Rafaela Racecourse observed the superiority of the Titan, which has made the difficult easy: winning with a margin in a circuit that, due to its characteristics, invites spectacle and captivating and closed definitions, pure adrenaline. The Chevrolet that painted the N°3 and enlists the JP Carrera he had no rivals and kept all the loot possible: the athletes, with the sum of the 47 points at stakeafter recording the pole on Saturday and winning the qualifying series and the final race on Sunday; the harvest allowed him to climb to the top of the championship. He also took over the economic prize of 3 million pesos issued by the ACTC: the race in the “speed oval” is the third so-called special of the calendar.

The sixth season of the calendar has revealed that the decor designed by Gustavo Lema is the one that marks the pulse of the Turismo Carretera. By trajectory, Canapino is the flagship of the structure among pilots. Four times champion, the present reflects that the designation of leader is not capricious nor due to his laurels or the career of his father, Alberto, who died on February 15, 2021 and would have been 59 on May 23. In the celebration of Agustín and as usual, the memory of the coach who marked national motorsport was present: with the dedication in words, when it was the turn of the official interview broadcast, but also with the classic gesture of his index fingers pointing to the sky, he has just got out of the car.

Three victories in six races, Agustín Canapino’s record in the current Turismo Carretera season; The reefer is the championship leader, with a 14 unit advantage over Santiago Mangoni, also a member of JP CarreraCCTA

Results sometimes don’t reflect superiority and Canapino knows it, who in the early stages of the championship discovered that luck was elusive. In the first he was left empty, with the car destroyed, after a contact with Juan Bautista De Benedictis that ended in a carom. He did not give up, like the mechanics who rebuilt the car, although fate wanted to turn its back on him: in Viedma, an accident; in Neuquén he was trapped in the pit lane by the car of Julián Santero (Ford), when he entered to make the obligatory change of the right tires, and what was announced for the victory ended in a bittersweet third place.

the show of JP Career started in the circuit of Concepción del Uruguay and is maintained, because the cars of this structure have won the last four dates of the Turismo Carretera. Three celebrations correspond to Canapinowho in addition to winning the Entre Ríos route has done so in Toay (La Pampa) and now in Rafaela; the remaining success went to Santiago Mangoni, who arrived at the Santa Fe event as a scorer in the championship, a position now occupied by the man from Arrecife. The driver from Balcarce, who finished ninth, was left as an escort, 14 units behind.

If the victory of Gastón Mazzacane in Centenario (Neuquén) is added to the poker of the victories of the Chevrolet of the JP Carrera, the brand adds five celebrations; The last to reach this record were the users of Turin, who won the last four dates of 2018 and the first of 2019: Alan Ruggiero three times and Facundo Ardusso twice. If a Chevrolet wins the next race at Concordia, on June 26, it will equal the series imposed by Juan María Traverso -two victories-, Luis Minervino, Fabián Acuña, Carlos Garrido and Guillermo Ortelli, who currently works as sports director of the JP Course .

Inaccessible for Mariano Werner, Agustín Canapino leads with three successes the five consecutive victories recorded by Chevrolet in the Turismo Carretera in 2022
Inaccessible for Mariano Werner, Agustín Canapino leads with three successes the five consecutive victories recorded by Chevrolet in the Turismo Carretera in 2022CCTA

The 30 kilos of ballast that Canapino carried -for the two Triumphs he had dragged- were no obstacle for the car to be powerful. The balance achieved by Ariel Lucesoli and Alcides Piatti -in charge of the chassis- with the power of the engine prepared by Ezequiel Giustozzi, a decisive factor in setting the pace. Mariano Werner (Ford), always watched him from afar and the double champion could not reverse the trajectory in the restarts that the final race had, due to the safety car entry, the second entry with five laps to go, due to a multiple accident involving Santero, Marcos Landa, Juan Bruno, Christian Ledesma, Matías Rossi and Emiliano Spataro.

“I was required to prevent Mariano from entering the draft. The car had a good balance to be able to transit curved and perform well in other sectors“, he analyzed about the operation of the Canapino car. “I am in the clouds, a total dream. We’re fine, it’s true. But it’s only just begun. A lot of things can happen: last year it was the same and then I didn’t win the championship. If I can keep winning, I’ll keep doing it, because that’s what people come for.he added on how he will face the future.

Agustín Canapino receives a greeting from Mariano Werner, two representatives of the historic struggle between Chevrolet and Ford
Agustín Canapino receives a greeting from Mariano Werner, two representatives of the historic struggle between Chevrolet and FordCCTA

Alberto’s legacy is in good hands with Agustín, who after going through 2021 with responsibilities on and off the track, decided to join JP Carrera to feel like a full-time rider. He proves it with results. but also his brother Mathias begins to break free: last year, he joined the sport Team, structure of Sergio Polze and with which Agustín participated in the Top Race, and obtained the classification of the TC Pista Silver Cup, as one of the three last-minute pilots. He finished sixth, with no chance of promotion. Unlike his older brother, he hasn’t won a single victory this season, but he retired from Rafaela at the top of the league and with the same dream: to become champion.

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