Carlos Alcaraz defeats Alexander Zverev at Roland Garros 2022

alexander zverev defeated Carlos Alcaraz with a score of 6-4, 6-4, 4-6 and 7-6(7) in 3 hours and 18 minutes of play to reach the semi-final of the top of the table Roland Garros 2022. His next rival will come from the confrontation between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. The world number three thus managed to take his revenge on Alcaraz, who had beaten him earlier this month in the final of the Mutua Madrid Open. The Spaniard’s unforced errors were key to victory for the German, who played firmly from the back of the pitch. If Carlos almost achieved the impossible, the German was able to react in time to avoid one of the great comebacks of the season.

Alcaraz was able to calm the first intentions of an aggressive Zverev, who decided to start the sequel. Although he made a few mistakes, the Spaniard added his first serve play of the match and then went on the offensive to make the German pay for how quickly the ball came out of his racket. With both a powerful forehand and a sliced ​​backhand, Carlos reached the first break point of the match, which Alexander ended up saving with an excellent serve.

Third time lucky

The serve, as expected, was Zverev’s main weapon to advance the score. The drops already appeared in the third game of the match, first by the German, then by the Spaniard. Alexander got the first break of the match on his third chance, against a rival who couldn’t take it anymore at the net.

Despite the fact that it was difficult for Carlos to find success with his firsts, the Spaniard managed to stay just one break from the German. He couldn’t do much for the rest either, with Alexander having the points dominance. Zverev won the first moto, with Alcaraz showing a slight improvement in the final points.

Unforced errors doomed the Spaniard, with Zverev developing a much more solid and patient tennis. Alexander was able to hang on through the long rallies, while Carlos rushed for the winner.

Zverev, more energetic

A small respite came for the Spaniards, who added the second game of the second set in white. Something necessary to regain the confidence to go on the attack. Carlos took an almost impossible point for the stands to help him connect to the game. Alcaraz couldn’t take advantage of a break point he had, showing himself accelerated with his leftovers, also thanks to Zverev’s excellent serve.

The points in which Alexander made use of high pots ended up despairing Carlos, who wasted no time in wanting to find the winner. In this way, a new break came from the German side. The only aspect in which Alcaraz was somehow saved was at net, although Zverev had already taken care to make him pay for his bravery in some games.

Alcaraz worked magic with his tennis to get a break point, but again his shots went out of bounds and Zverev won the second set.

Turning point for Carlos

In a tied third round, Alexander showed how he also had the ability to take points with the winners, while Carlos continued to impose himself in the drop shots. The Spaniard saved an important break point to stay alive in the game. Carlos used all his might to, based on drop shots and good shots that continued, break Zverev’s serve, who dropped a gear as he served to continue into the third set.

Although Carlos sometimes expressed his anger at being frustrated with himself, the Spaniard didn’t throw in the towel at any point in the game as an opponent simply overpowered him.

Already in the fourth set, and even with Zverev holding a set lead, it looked like the match was starting from scratch. The Spaniard managed for the first time in the match to corner the German in a bend in the track, making him feel lost. Little by little, Alcaraz found this dominating right to which we are so accustomed, far from these unforced errors of the first sets.

The German, faced with the notable improvement of his opponent, continued to hold in his service games without having to face great difficulties. Carlos, who was unable to press the German’s second serves, was punished for poor decisions when closing the points. On a double fault, Zverev led 5-4 to serve for a place in the semi-finals.

Once again against the ropes, Alcaraz shot epically to break his rival’s serve and keep the dream alive. The Spaniard then signed one of his best service games to put all the pressure on his opponent, who responded with a shutout for the set to be decided on the tie-break. Zverev added the first point with a bunt that capped off a tough rally from the back of the court, starting with that small advantage that Carlos recovered with a great return from the corner. The Spaniard missed a serve and a volley which sent Alexander away with a point difference. Alcaraz fought back with a pinpoint rest at the line to put the 3-3 in the light. For the first time in the tie-break, the Spaniard took the lead with a winning backhand. Zverev fired it with a pass that left him unanswered, with both feeling freer than the others. Carlos ended up giving in to Zverev, failing to take advantage of a set point. Final which knows little for not having been able to be effective in its opportunities.


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