Boca: the resounding response of the Slovenian Project to Ameal after its strong criticism

The president had said that said proposal to remodel La Bombonera did not make “sense” and was therefore rejected. Now, from the other sidewalk, they crossed it with everything and explained that the proposed plan is still in effect.

the word of Jorge Love Ameal at TyC Sports, he left a lot of fabric to cut. The President addressed several important issues of the world Stuffy and, among them, refers to the rBombonera innovationthis project (the so-called 360) which was one of the mainstays of his campaign but which has not yet been able to be developed both due to economic difficulties and the problems of apples to buy.

In this sense, he not only explained that the project to have a modern stadium with a capacity of 80,000 spectators is still valid, but also that disqualified the other remodel model who had gained more strength the last time, the Slovenian project, making sure it has no “meaning”. And clear, The response from the other side was not long in coming…

This Monday, three days after the forceful phrase of the proxy, those responsible for promoting this new development came to a crossroads with a resounding statement from their official networks.

“We understand that talking about the expansion of the Bombonera is a super valid and genuine concern for Ameal. concerned, whom Boca Juniors never summoned., even when they expressed concern about losing their source of work (their premises)”began the post, which also explains the proposal in depth.

La Bombonera according to the Slovenian project

They also clarified that “the Slovenian project More was already made available to Juan Román Riquelme and that in addition “it considers the work situation of residents who currently have premises on the street in Iberlucea, Aristóbulo del Valle, Pinzón and Brandsen”.

“We believe that the Slovenian Plus project is the only 100% viable optionthe most effective, the one with the best cost-benefit ratio, the one that most respects the history of the Bombonera and the one that makes the most sense, precisely because it has the endorsement of the neighbours, the true protagonists of this story,” concludes the harsh statement.

The full statement of the Slovenian project in response to the president of Boca

“To the people of Boca: in the past few days our audience has been consulting us, via social networks, on the statements of President Jorge Amor Ameal regarding the Slovenian project Plus in TyC Sports.

There, the disqualified leader: “It’s a project that makes no sense, because part of the two blocks must be bought, and on the other hand you have neighbors, and again the same story.”

We understand that talking about the expansion of the Bombonera is a super valid and genuine concern for Ameal. Especially because his campaign promise in this regard remains deadlocked, and because he never considered the concerned neighbors, whom Boca Juniors never summoned, even when they expressed the fear of losing their source of work (their premises).

The Slovenian Plus project, which has already been made available to Juan Román Riquelme, considers the employment situation of residents who currently own street premises in Iberlucea, Aristóbulo del Valle, Pinzón and Brandsen. It includes them in the proposal with a new commercial tourist promenade. He listens to them. It makes them visible.

We are delighted that, now, it finally becomes the priority of the question. It was the neighbors who feared the possibility of expropriation (a word used by Ameal himself) at a despicable price, which no one would want to see happen to them, or the loss of their source of income. May they be valued and respected.

Regarding the stay, by the street, at the “residence” of the properties, the situation would improve compared to what happens with the opposite tribune or compared to the current situation in Iberlucea street, which has been put a quarter of a century (1996) a wall (the new boxes), without consulting them. Far from getting worse, their situation would improve. And the remaining properties would surely take on more value, not less. That’s why we think that a priori we agree on the same thing and that in any case what was missing was more information. Together with the neighbors we make ourselves available again.

With regard to integration into the neighborhood, it should be noted that the Slovenian Plus Project does not require the closure or covering of three streets, and the total purchase, without exception, of the two half-blocks (129 houses), the main disadvantages of the Bombonera 360 project (original from 1933), which depends on an expropriation law (either by the club or by the city).

In addition, it should be noted that the improvement that the Slovenian Plus project would make possible for the La Boca district and the city, would promote culture, commerce and tourism in the region (new tourist point of view), something of very convenient for Boca and its neighbors, regardless of which political party or person makes it possible.

The reform of the Bombonera must be a matter of state for Boca. Without political flags that appropriate it or reject it. The expansion of our house must seal all the cracks. We are again available to everyone to clarify any concerns.

In any case, we understand that it is still being analyzed by much of the management and that far from being dismissed, the hard work started in 2016 is still more relevant than ever and continues to be considered by the people of Boca before anyone else. on the other hand, in addition to large-scale private investors.

Simply because we believe that the Slovenian Plus project is the only 100% viable option, the most efficient, the one with the best cost-benefit ratio, the one that respects the Bombonera’s history the most and the one that has the more meaning, precisely because it has the backing of the neighbours, the real protagonists of this story”.

Why Boca ruled out the ‘Slovenian’ project: what Ameal said

Unlike the Bombonera 360, which proposed that Del Valle Iberlucea pass through a tunnel traced under the structure of the stadium (this would be the area where the boxes are currently located), the new evolution would not include the roof of the street , but rather that it would make a curve and border the stadium, which would have a greater capacity.

Ameal, in an exclusive dialogue with TyC Sports, confirmed that this idea is completely ruled out and explained why: “It’s a project that doesn’t make sense, because part of the two blocks you have to buy and at the back you have neighbors. Again the same story. What should be done is a street pedestrian so that people can walk and donate it to the State so that cultural activities can be carried out under the Bombonera”.

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