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Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe BV (SEACE) officially launches its new brand and visual approach, in line with its belief in people-driven innovation and its promise of results

Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe BV (SEACE) is officially renewed and launches “feel your well-beinga new visual and branding approach that upholds the company’s commitment to innovation in comfort and seeks to satisfy consumer needs with its products and services.

“Feel Your Well-Being” is based on the idea that people feel better when they are in control of their inner space. It delivers on Samsung’s promise of people-driven innovation. Thus, it invites its users to “feel” the benefits of its products as in its multiple use cases. To discover in the first person (“your”) how spaces implemented with Samsung products can be customized to meet individual requirements. Like, they provide “The well-being” through key elements such as air and water on which its product range is based.

Wim Vangeenberghe, President of SEACE, notes: “Each of us is unique. And we all have different needs. Recognizing that was the first step for us. Also, when we are in an interior space, we have the possibility of exerting a certain control on the climatic conditions. After all, how can you hope to show your best version if you don’t feel good physically? This idea inspired us and led us to a new approach to our HVAC solutions. As our needs change, so do our products. That’s why we always seek to push our limits, set new goals and constantly innovate. We’re here to help our customers create their own oasis.

“Feel Your Well-Being” promises to connect you with every person through air conditioning solutions in any space you choose, be it your home, work, gym, enjoying the balance your moods, your emotions and your energy. In this line, “The new vision aims to advance Samsung’s services and commitment to energy efficiency. Concretely, to continue to offer state-of-the-art technology, but capable of adapting to the habits and preferences of users”, emphasizes Ricardo Martins, commercial director of Samsung Climate Solutions Spain and Portugal. “Samsung’s product portfolio includes a series of climate solutions designed to increase people’s comfort, based on the belief that more attractive and pleasant working environments can boost performance and success,” he stressed.

An air conditioning system for each person

Samsung, in its wide and growing range of indoor and outdoor products, ensures that everyone’s spatial requirements and comfort needs are met.

Users who prefer innovation, proprietary technology WindFree™ from Samsung will provide them with a comfortable coolness without unpleasant drafts. Plus, AI Auto Comfort automatically adjusts the temperature based on room usage and the motion detection sensor automatically switches to WindFree™ mode after 20 minutes if no motion is detected. The Samsung compressor with Digital Inverter Boost technology also helps customers save energy.

For those who prefer smart, connected and high-performance equipment. Samsung invites its users to create their own oasis implemented with AI Auto Comfort, Motion Detect, SmartThings technologies. This oasis will be able to come to life thanks to the SmartThings App from Samsung, which allows users to connect and control their HVAC systems and other Samsung products from their smart device. Additionally, all HVAC systems can be managed via Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant, and conventional HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems can be transformed into smart tools allowing for more individual control.

Samsung also creates with an eye to the future. Durability and quality of design are the factors that allow its products to serve users longer and in a variety of climates and temperatures. This is how Samsung’s ClimateHub was born, an innovative and ecological solution for heating and domestic hot water that combines energy obtained from renewable sources with digitized connectivity, offering maximum comfort in air conditioning. interior. ClimateHub is compatible with Smart Grid and photovoltaic systems, has a compact design, allows easier maintenance and operates quietly.

Also, so that this oasis of comfort has the best solutions, Samsung makes a trusted advisor available to users to ensure transparency and technical assistance.

“’Feel Your Wellbeing’ is not just a communication approach, it’s a brand promise focused on improving people’s experience. We will continue to build on our strength of progressive innovation and act with bold optimism to provide our customers with a comfortable and better future that allows them to be the best version of themselves. » concludes Ricardo Martins.

About Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe BV (SEACE)

Since introducing its first air conditioning system in 1974, Samsung Electronics has continuously redefined comfortable indoor air conditioning for tomorrow’s society. Samsung Electronics entered the European commercial air conditioner market in 2005. A long-term commitment to the European market led to the establishment of Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe BV (SEACE) in 2017 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

At SEACE, we seek to harmonize activities in more than 30 European countries. Our goal is to help people find their flow, their oasis, so that they can feel better and perform at their best, whether at work, during leisure or rest. SEACE is committed to offering high-performance solutions, equipped with innovative systems for air conditioning, domestic hot water, refrigeration and smart construction. In all those places where people have memorable experiences together, whether commercial spaces or homes.

We offer ongoing technical training on HVAC and smart building solutions, as well as after-sales service and technical support for your industry partners, backed by Samsung’s proven quality and industry-leading innovation, including its digital connectivity solutions.

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