Mhoni Seer’s June 2022 horoscope – New Woman

Find out what the stars have in store for you with Mhoni Vidente’s horoscope, which leaves you with your lucky numbers, lucky color and message from the stars for this month full of positive energy.


Sixth month of the year and this means that a new stage in your personal life will begin for your sign. You will leave behind everything that hurts you in love, as well as bad friendships. An earth sign love will seek your return. June will be a month of abundance and you will improve financially, but now learn how to manage yourself and avoid unnecessary purchases. You take the process of a loan for a house and renew your car. You will be lucky this month with the numbers 07 and 13. Your color is yellow and your best days will be 01, 04, 22, 27. These days, good energies will surround you and on June 1, I recommend that you light a yellow candle, with a 100 peso note underneath and your favorite scent. You travel this month, go back to school and get an enticing job offer from the government.


June is for your sign the sign of a radical transformation of your personal life and you decide, finally, to leave behind you this love which was not for you; A very compatible love is coming to you, remember that you endure, but it’s time to make decisions and be happy. You have the opportunity to interview very important people, in order to develop yourself professionally. Light a yellow candle, with a glass of crystal clear water next to it; Pray for success in all you do. You finish paying for your car. Take care of yourself at work as there will be tough gossip situations; don’t go where you are not spoken to. Your bosses examine you and you get a raise. You get a lottery prize with the numbers 05 and 21. Your color of abundance is bright red and your best days will be 03, 14, 20 and 26.


The middle of the year and your magic numbers are 03 and 34, with strong blue as your lucky color, so this month will be the rebirth, completely, of your positive energy and start taking care of yourself. New job offers come into your life, as well as your own business projects, just analyze what they offer you. In love, if you’re in a relationship, understand that it doesn’t stop, it just moves from place to place and if you don’t feel so in love anymore, give yourself time. If you are looking for a love partner, someone from Aries, Libra or Aquarius will come. You live a stage of total rebirth of your energy. I know that sometimes you go through situations, but your sign is made to last. Light a yellow candle with a glass of water and ask the angels for abundance to come to you. Your best days will be 07, 12, 23 and 29.


Your best month of the year will be June, where you enter a phase of metamorphosis and more because your birthday is in the final stretch, it helps you to renew all your energies, just remember that mixed feelings you dominate a lot. In the next 30 days, a business proposal arrives that strengthens your economic capacity. Married Cancers will have pregnancy changes. Your sign always arouses a lot of envy and saved courage, that’s why sometimes they don’t let you go forward, for this I recommend that you light a yellow candle on June 1 and scent it. In love, Cancers will be highly appreciated and sought after by new loves of the sign of Scorpio or Pisces. Your lucky numbers are 12 and 24 and your color is green. Your best days are 06, 14, 19 and 28.


You will receive good news that will make you very happy and you will be a reference in matters of work, especially since your sign is dominated by the Sun. Don’t buy what you don’t need and start saving. You are the most sociable sign of the zodiac and that’s why you always have the holidays on your mind, but try to balance them with your daily life. You are processing your visa or passport these days to go on vacation with your friends. It will be excellent for you if this June 1st you light a yellow candle, accompanied by a glass of water; luck will come back to you. You are undergoing cosmetic surgery and in love you will have some doubts with your partner, you will not know whether to continue, to define yourself. Singles experience many adventures with people of the sign of Aries, Sagittarius or Aquarius. Your lucky numbers will be 11 and 43 and the best days are 03, 08, 17 and 24.


You will try to understand your personal life throughout the month, each problem will always have a solution. Very good surprises will await you in terms of business and a lottery prize with your magic numbers 01 and 20. In addition, you will have a lot of growth in economic matters, so try to start saving for the future. Beware of gossip problems and avoid falling into provocations; always stay out of it. In love, you are very intense and you always want to control everything, try to speak well with your partner and give yourself space. You will have several issues with legal requests, but everything will be excellent. I recommend that you light a yellow candle on June 1 and put some sugar on it to ask for what you need so badly. Your best days will be the 05, 11, 20 and 29.


Many business proposals will reach you in June, you are in a phase of economic growth and are entering a new stage. I recommend that you ignore the opinions of others and follow your intuition because you are the balance of everything in this life. They invite you to take a trip with your partner, it will help the relationship to be stronger, do not stop exercising and having a good diet. I recommend that on June 1st you light a yellow candle, put a glass of water and ask for abundance. You are no longer jealous of your partner, change your attitude and give him his space. You are the most conquering of the zodiac, this month love will reign in your life and more so with Capricorn, Pisces or Gemini. Your lucky numbers are 09 and 26 and your colors are purple and purple. Your best days to make changes are the 2nd, 9th, and 16th.


The sixth month of the year will be decisive, analyze everything that is offered to you at work, you will have a total metamorphosis in your way of thinking and attitude. Betrayals and bad people will persecute you, act with caution and you will be victorious. On June 1, cut your hair, light a yellow candle and ask for the best. They invite you to work in the government or in a political campaign, you must accept. An earth sign love will be looking for you to come back, but they will only want to make love, so analyze what they want. If you are single, Aquarius, Taurus or Leo loves will arrive. Someone you love will have health problems, give them moral support. You will be lucky with the numbers 6 and 23, your colors are red and white. Your best days to make the changes you need in life will be the 6th, 9th, 18th and 27th.


You will have new projects in June, your sign is fire and it attracts opportunities for economic growth, just try not to talk about your projects. You process the university change. You don’t want to understand love, just feel it to be at peace with your partner. You are the friendliest and most flirtatious of the zodiac, this means that you are always in a romantic relationship. On June 1, take a bath in holy water, then light a yellow candle and ask for abundance and health to come into your life. You confuse sex with love a lot, try to define this situation. Continue exercise and good nutrition. You will do medical tests and take more care of your health. Your lucky numbers are 15 and 19, your colors: yellow and green. The days with more abundance will be the 07, 10, 23 and 30, you will have the possibility of changing trades.


You will renew your person and your attitude, June will be the time to mature and see life with more responsibility. Remember that your sign is very changeable and always seeks to be on the move, so try to analyze the opportunities that come your way. I recommend that on June 1st you light a yellow candle, scent it and ask for what you need so much. In love, you will try to come back to your ex-partner to be at peace, remember that talking solves problems. Singles will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people of Gemini, Virgo and Aries. Luck will come with the numbers 08 and 30, your colors of abundance are orange and white. Your best days of the month are the 03, 09, 17 and 28, the stars will be in your favor to make important changes, think of bringing moral and financial support to your parents.


You are going on a trip this June for personal commitments and vacations, remember that your sign needs the sea and nature to renew its energies. Do not rush to make decisions because everything is coming soon. At work there will be a lot of pressure and conflicting energies, stay calm and prioritize your performance. Don’t lend money because they steal your luck. In love, you will meet very similar people from Aries, Taurus and Libra, with whom you will seek to formalize something. On June 1, light a yellow candle, put cinnamon and sugar on it and ask for health and abundance to come. Remember to wear something gold or silver to serve as protection. Your lucky numbers will be 17 and 22, your colors are blue and yellow. The best days will be the 04, 10, 19 and 26 to make very positive changes.


In June there will be many positive changes at work, try to be very focused. The element of your sign is water and this makes you desperate, stop these thoughts, try not to be influenced by toxic people. An Aries, Gemini, or Scorpio love will hang around and talk about formality. A good diet has its effect, take care of your figure because you are going on vacation. In love this will be one of your best months, you will talk about emotional stability with your partner. Take care of infection problems in the throat and skin. On June 1, light a yellow candle, put a picture of yourself under it, ask that you do not lack money and health. Your lucky numbers are 18 and 27, your colors green and white. Your best days will be the 06, 13, 20 and 28 because the stars will be in your favour.


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