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There is no doubt that the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the physical and emotional well-being of people around the world, and why not after 2 years of constant changes of the most diverse nature.

Thus, the ongoing reactivation process involves the implementation not only of strategies that promote investment, productivity, job creation or technological transformation, among others, but also actions aimed at strengthening the components inherent in being, like happiness and the feeling of finally being, the one that allows people to face all the challenges that life throws at them, becoming the recovery of their integral well-being in one of the main challenges of today.

Aware of this, Compensar, a non-profit social protection organization committed to improving the quality of life of workers in Colombia for more than 43 years, continues to move forward with the aim of consolidating itself as a global platform. of well-being, as reaffirmed by Carlos Mauricio Vásquez, its general manager: “For us, the most important thing is not that people come to one of our offices or units and take the services, call it university, housing, agreements and alliances, employment agency, health… but rather that they can be understood at the center of each of them as a unique person, and us as someone who identifies who that person is and what their plans, challenges and moment in life are, and weaves around this a series of solutions that help them achieve them”.

And precisely, as one more scenario to make this offer of complete solutions available to affiliates and users, this weekend in the Plaza del Jubileo of Compensar Avenida 68, Bienestar Fest took place, a renewed version of the fair services that the entity has performed for more than 5 years.

“With this space, we seek to contribute to improving the quality of life of workers and families from a perspective of integral well-being, in addition to contributing to the accompaniment of our affiliates in all moments of their lives. , understanding that each person is different and to that extent so are their needs to feel full and satisfied,” assured Juan Pablo Mejía, Marketing and Commercial Director of the Welfare and Social Development Unit of Compensar.

This edition of the fair brought together nearly 10,000 people of all ages, who for two days had face-to-face access, in one place, to a solid platform of comprehensive well-being services, including health, housing , grants, tourism, leisure, education, sports, credit, employment, entrepreneurship, events, alliances, social projects, among others; likewise, special discounts and promotions in your portfolio; and various activities to share with the family, such as stand-up comedy by comedian Fredy Beltrán and the closing concert with the Colombian group Pasabordo.

In addition, understanding the needs and new consumption habits of its affiliates, a digital component has also been activated so that its audience can participate, also facilitating online access to exclusive advantages of the website, the Compensar Store platform and social networks, among others.

“Wellness Fest is configured as an interesting 360° proposal inspired by people, Compensar’s raison d’être for more than 43 years, and in a strategic commitment based on global well-being, which encompasses the different dimensions of health. ‘To be human”, concluded the Marketing and Commercial Director of Compensar’s Welfare and Social Development Unit.

Complete Wellness Fest offer

· Employment and Business Development Agency: advice on creating a CV, applying for vacancies, career guidance, registration in the database and training to strengthen the job profile.

· Agreements and alliances: promotions and special discounts in various allied establishments.

· Credit: easy access to a free credit study from the website.

· Events: shared offices under the coworking model where people can enjoy an excellent comfortable and modern workplace.

· Social projects: recycling and transforming waste into opportunities for well-being for people in vulnerable situations.

·Leisure, education and sports: discounts and special advantages in various plans.

· Health: discounts on the prices of complementary plans.

· Subsidy: possibility of accessing different services using the monetary subsidy as a means of payment.

· Tourism: discounts in Lagosol and Lagomar hotels, Estelar hotels and the offer of the Compensar travel agency.

· Compensar University Foundation: 10% discount for Caja members, 10% discount for early payment until June 30 for undergraduate students and registration until May 24 for the program “Compensation exchanges”.

· Housing: offer of different housing projects, including NQS 67, Montecielo and Torres de Galicia, in addition, a bonus of up to 10 million dollars throughout the month of May and specific advantages in credit and saving.

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