FMS Internacional 2022: results, announcements and highlights of the day 2 battles from Mexico

FMS International celebrated its second day in Mexico. Photo: Instagram Aczino

After the date in Spain two weeks ago, this Saturday was the FMS-International, with crosses from some of the most notable in each league. Six other qualified for the grand final came out of this new cut. They are Vijay Kesh, Riddler, Zticma, Larrix, Nitro and Aczino. They join Chuty, Teorema, Blon, Lobo Estepario, Stuart and Chang, qualified at the first meeting. The show was held at the Pepsi Center in Mexico City with great attendance.

Azino He made a great freestyle exhibition against Zaina who fought in all the rounds. But maybe the peak came with Larrix and Lokillo. With the show as a slogan, both sparked on stage, demonstrating a face-to-face that left feelings different from the battles that we usually see. A lot of originality and ingenuity in the service of rap.

Likewise, the fate of the two Peruvians was different. After the falls of necros Yes To stick on on the previous date, this time Vijay Kesh He managed to qualify after defeating MNAK, despite the oxygen problems he had in the battle. While Iota he fell to the Chilean Riddler.

Azino (Mexico) beat Zaina (Argentina)

nitro (Chile) beat Skone (Spain) after a response

Larrix (Argentina) beats Lokillo (Colombia)

Zticma (Mexico) beat Valles-T (Colombia) after a reply

Screen (Chile) beats Jota (Peru)

vijay kesh (Peru) defeats MNAK (Spain) after a reply

vijay kesh beat MNAK after an aftershock

The answer turned on the subject of the Spaniards, something that favored Vijay

FMS International: MNAK and Vijay and a very spicy replica. VIDEO: Urban Roosters

MNAK and Vijay Kesh go in for a replica

Vijay and MNAK left this 4×4

FMS International: MNAK and Vijay have 4×4 ignition. VIDEO: Urban Roosters

The Peruvian is clearly affected by the altitude of Mexico (2,240 m above sea level)

The Last Battle is featured Vijay Kesh vs. MNAK

Screen he directly beats Jota

Jota chose the dance hall in beat mode

FMS International: Jota MC flowing to a dance hall rhythm. VIDEO: Urban Roosters

The fifth battle opposes Jack vs. Riddle

Zticma wins the battle against Valles-T

Valles-T and Zticma leave for a replica

It was the 4×4 of Valles-T and Zticma

FMS International: the 4x4s of Zticma and Valles-T. VIDEO: Urban Roosters

The fourth battle is Valleys-T vs. Zticma

Larrix take the fight straight

Lokillo did an incredible minute to the rhythm of reggae

FMS Internacional: the spectacular minute to the rhythm of Lokillo’s reggae. VIDEO: Urban Roosters

Lokillo and Larrix It’s the third battle of the day

nitro win the second battle of the night

Skone and Nitro go to a replica

The battle is over. The Chilean had the most shouted rhyme of the battle.

FMS International: Nitro’s answer that got the most shout out. VIDEO: Urban Roosters

In Beat mode, Skone chose the dance hall and made everyone dance

FMS International: Skone does a minute on the rhythm of the dance hall. VIDEO: Urban Roosters

The second battle is Skone vs. nitro

Azino defeat Zaina directly

One of Aczino’s minutes

FMS International: Aczino vs. Zaina: one of the minutes of the Mexican at the rhythm of Drill. VIDEO: Urban Roosters

The first battle of the night is Aczino vs. Zaina

Aczino, the GOAT enters the scene

Minute of the presentation of Aczino at the International FMS. VIDEO: Urban Roosters

The Argentinian Larrix, one of the revelations of the scene, was thus presented in Mexico.

Minute of Larrix’s presentation at the International FMS. VIDEO: Urban Roosters

Skone comes out on stage with his minute presentation. Then it’s the turn of Nitro from Chile and Valles-T from Colombia.

It was the presentation of Vijay Kesh from Peru.

Minute of presentation of Vijay Kesh at FMS International. VIDEO: Urban Roosters

Then it was the turn of Riddle from Chile and MNAK from Spain

This was the presentation of Jota MC from Peru

Minute of Jota’s presentation at the International FMS. VIDEO: Urban Roosters

It’s the turn of the local Zticma

Lokillo from Colombia surprises with a nice minute of presentation

Zaina (Argentina) presents herself to the public in Mexico City

Serko Fu and Vertier present the MC’s

The contest can be viewed on the official Urban Roosters channels on YouTube and Twitch. Plus, you can follow it minute by minute here.

Peru 5 p.m.

Mexico 5 p.m.

Colombia 5 p.m.

Ecuador 5 p.m.

Panama 6 p.m.

United States 6 p.m.

Cuba 6 p.m.

Nicaragua 4 p.m.

Costa Rica 4 p.m.

Honduras 4 p.m.

El Salvador 4 p.m.

Guatemala 4:00 p.m.

chilli 6 p.m.

Puerto Rico 6 p.m.

Dominican Republic 6:00 p.m.

Venezuela 6 p.m.

Bolivia 6 p.m.

Paraguay 6:00 p.m.

Argentina 7 p.m.

Brazil 7 p.m.

Uruguay 7:00 p.m.

Spain 12 p.m.

FMS International celebrates its second cup in Mexico.
FMS International celebrates its second cup in Mexico.

After the first three days in the championship of each country (Peru, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico), the first cut was made for the first four qualified for this first round of the Internationals.

These are the classifieds.

Spain: Chuty, MNAK, Blon and Skone

Chili: Theorem, Nitro, Riddle and Basek

Mexico: Aczino, Rapder, Steppenwolf and Zticma

Colombia: Valles-T, Philosopher, Lokillo and Chang

Argentina: Larrix, Stuart, Papo and Katra (the latter two have an ongoing battle to define positions)

Peru: Nekroos, Jota, Vijay Kesh and Stick

Among them, Basek, Rapder, Philosopher, Nekroos, Stick and Papo have already been eliminated. Although they have the option of upgrading in the next cut.

FMS International celebrates its second cup in Mexico.
FMS International celebrates its second cup in Mexico.

The jury will be composed of Power (Mexico), Joro (Peru), Noult (Spain), CNO (Argentina) and Blazzt (Chile). The hosts will be locals Serko Fu and Vertier and DJ Sonicko will be on the decks. The beavers will be Mariana, Tessla and Abraham.


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