The weird benefits of “eccentric exercise,” one of the fastest ways to improve your strength

  • Dr Michael Mosley
  • BBC, series “Just one thing”

image sources, Getty Images

I did something today that I don’t normally do. When I jog I usually run up a hill, but today I walked up it. However, I ran downstairs. And that’s because, as illogical as it sounds, running downhill is probably better for me than running uphill.

What I did is known as the eccentric exercise, and despite the name, there’s nothing strange about it.

What’s fascinating is that even though it may seem easier to go down than up, eccentric exercise is actually important for all sorts of health benefits, including muscle repair and growth, flexibility and bone density.

While it might surprise you (it certainly surprised me), the easy part, the part where you go down, is actually one of the fastest ways to get stronger.

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