Mhoni Seer’s horoscope for the weekend of May 12 to 14, 2022 – Femme Nouvelle

Find out what the stars have in store for you with Mhoni Vidente’s horoscope, which leaves you with your lucky numbers, lucky color and the message from the stars for this week full of positive energy.


Good day in all that you are going to do. Extra work is coming these days which will leave you with extra money. You decide to continue exercising and switch to a healthy diet. During this May 13 the stars will align in your favor; I recommend that you go for walks in the afternoon with light clothes and lots of perfume. Ask God what you need so much and you will see how you will get an answer.

In addition, they invite you to go on a trip by the end of the month. Stop looking for reasons not to be in love, let yourself be loved, life has even more surprises in store for you. You will be lucky with the numbers 13 and 40. Remember that it is good to save, but avoid being envious and buy what you want. You receive a pet as a gift and you benefit from an aesthetic treatment for a perfect look. Don’t forget to go to the dentist.


You will have a weekend that will transform you and you will make decisions that will change your life for the better. Remember that your sign is at its best, it’s its birthday, and your energy needs to cleanse and be filled with positivity. For this May 13, you will have a stroke of luck in everything related to work issues and new projects.; You need to save to increase your wealth. You receive an invitation and you go on a trip these days.

They pay you the money that was owed to you, as well as your utilities. Your sign is very stubborn and sometimes things can’t be the way you want them to be. In love you have to give yourself time and be a little more understanding, because everyone has to make their life plans; They are a couple, not owners of each other, so live your romantic relationship to the full. Your lucky numbers are 07 and 23.


You will face many complicated situations in your personal life. You have to order everything around you, solve problems and avoid dodging them. Remember that your sign will always come out on top, it’s just a matter of deciding to succeed. A love from the past, Aquarius or Aries, is looking for you to talk to you about formal love; you are at the time of already having a partner, you have to decide. They invite you to give a conference and courses on your university career.

Plus, you receive extra money that you didn’t expect, which will help you pay off your debts. Take care of kidney or pancreatic problems; try to see your doctor. On this May 13, give alms to someone who needs it so that abundance comes to you. Your lucky numbers are 05 and 44. Do not fall into the blackmail of past loves and move forward in your life.


During the weekend you will have a lot of work. Remember that your sign is very docile and always tries to look good to its superiors, so stay calm and you can work out whatever you need. It will be a few days of positive changes in your love life, you will finally find that earth love sign that is right for you. Try not to be so intense in the relationship and give yourself space.

This May 13 you will have a spiritual revelation about your life, so you must be attentive to divine signs. Try to light a white candle and the paths to success will open in your life. Take care of molar and dental problems; remember this is your weak point. Your lucky numbers are 01 and 29. Keep up the exercise and diet. Also, wear orange and red to attract fortune into your life.


You will completely change the mood of your life, even if your sign struggles to let go of past situations, such as toxic love affairs and betrayals of friends. This May 13, I recommend that you put holy water on your neck and offer some flowers to the saint you pray to the most to help you reinvent yourself in everything. You go on a trip for professional reasons and close a project. Take care of bowel or kidney problems that cause you to gain weight.

You are a very good and helpful person, which is why you will always have sincere friendships around you. In love you will remain very stable with your partner. Your lucky numbers are 06 and 17. Try to pay your debts and organize your expenses, you need to save for the future. A loved one is looking for you to ask you for advice, help him, these acts will always be rewarded.


Luck will illuminate your life this weekend, remember that your sign is ruled by the Full Moon and these days you will have good news when it comes to work. During May 13, try to walk in the afternoon so that the Sun fills you with positive energy. You must be more discreet in your plans for them to come true. You are going on a trip for a family affair. Take care of stomach problems and ulcers, do not eat spicy foods and do not drink alcohol, so as not to harm yourself.

In love, do not continue with this person who is only playing with you and coping with the situation, you will see how a more sincere love of the sign Sagittarius, Aquarius or Pisces will enter your life. You fix things at your school. A Gemini person is looking for you to claim a personal situation. Your magic numbers are 03 and 15. Use more white color to attract abundance.


On the days when you are in a good mood for the projects that show up in your life, remember that your sign is very successful, just try to make the best contracts to continue with the good luck. Friday you will be filled with good energies, light a red candle, ask the Virgin Mary for what you need so much. I recommend that you give 13 coins that day to someone who needs it to give a little of what life gives you.

You switch computers and decide to study social media video design. You are offered to move, you successfully settle legal matters, your lucky numbers are 12 and 38. It’s a weekend full of pleasant surprises, an Aquarius or Gemini love is waiting for you to come back, try not to forget your studies, always carry on, remember that he who knows more is worth more.


Weekend to reflect on the questions of your professional life. Remember that your sign always puts a lot of effort into everything they do, which is why you will receive financial recognition, so try to talk to your superiors and ask them for an evaluation of your work. They are looking for you to invite you to go on a trip, your partner will talk to you about formalizing the relationship and living together. Take care of your debts, try to pay everything on time.

This Friday I recommend that you go for a walk in the afternoon and communicate with God and ask him what you want so much, you will see how you will have an answer to this doubt in your life. You change the furniture in your house and they give you a pet. JWe are looking for a relative to borrow you, as well as to offer you an advertising and design company, You must accept the offer because it will go very well for you.


These are days when you completely reinvent yourself, remember that your lucky number is 13 and nowadays what you need so much will come, I recommend that on May 13 you put on brightly colored clothes and use lots of perfume before you leave the house so that an aura of abundance surrounds you. You decide to study more for your exams, remember to focus and put the cell phone aside so you can move on.

They invite you to go to a congress and a conference of your studies. Stop arguing so much with your partner, your sign likes to argue a lot to measure how much you love someone, but you need to change that in your life. You send your car to get the brakes and tires fixed, you decide to have cosmetic surgery, you’ll be fine. A love will seek you to be together again, your lucky numbers are 9 and 16 and your color is blue.


Weekend so as not to confuse the opportunities that life offers you and more professionally, a change of profession will present itself to you: accept it. This Friday you will receive a flow of positive energy, which is why I recommend that you light a white candle and take a flower bath so that the aura of success surrounds you longer. Remember not to talk about your plans so as not to be filled with envy. You earn extra money on the sale of your car and buy a newer one.

Someone from the fire sign is looking for you to date again, you are the most sociable and charismatic of the zodiac, which is why you will always be surrounded by many friends. You buy clothes and change your look. You will have a stroke of luck and it will be in games of chance with the numbers 7 and 66, in love try not to have any illusions if you are not going to fulfill yourself.


On days of new romantic emotions and feeling super excited about everything you’re going through, remember that your best sign state is in a relationship. You get money you never expected, it will help you start saving. You send to fix the plumbing in your house. Be careful with gossip at work, try not to associate with anyone there so they don’t get you in trouble.

You talk to an accountant to organize the tax documents. This Friday I recommend that you drink plenty of water and do not eat heavy foods so that your energy is renewed, you must also dress in light colors to attract good energy, so you decide to renew your wardrobe. dress. Your sign has a very explosive character, which sometimes causes you arguments without reason, meditate so as not to fall into provocations.


Weekend with good energies around you, your best time is spring because it makes your body and mind feel great, try not to fall prey to nerves. You get extra money for paying your commissions. Friday energies are realigned for your good, economic issues are left behindbut always try to be more managed.

I recommend lighting a white candle and putting holy water on your forehead so that the aura of abundance surrounds you longer. You deal with tuition, buy clothes, and change your look to a younger look. In love, you will continue to be the best with your partner and very much in love, singles will have a new partner. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 27 and 60, you go on a diet and you do a beauty treatment.


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