The only six Netflix movies with a perfect score


We know that one of the most positive characteristics of netflix it is the immense quantity of films that it offers to its subscribers. There are films from all countries, genres and eras. But the bad thing is a priori, When choosing something to watch, it’s hard to know if you’re going to get a big movie or a slop. It will then be provided a list of feature films which are surely in the first of the items. These are the only productions on the platform that have received perfect score on the prestigious film page rotten tomatoes.

Although in netflix there are brilliant productions with very favorable reviews, these are only six platform achievements who got a perfect score, i.e. 100 dotson the American journals and synopsis page Rotten tomatoes. This site is an institution in the field of cinema and television and its scores, awarded by specialists, are highly respected in the cinematographic universe.

Consider the importance of a movie having a rating ‘perfect’ by reviews on the aforementioned site, the British media thebible go in search netflix which were the films on the platform that had reached this category. The result is the detailed list below, which basically highlights the documentaries. The titles of the productions are as they appear on the platform of Diffusion from Argentina.

His house

His house en A 2020 horror film, which chronicles the adventures of a young African man trying to settle into a new home in a small town in England.

“A young couple south sudan seek refuge and seek a new life in England, but they are tormented by a sinister force that inhabits their new homeland,” reads the synopsis for Netflix. The film, considered an independent film product, was written and directed by Remi Weekes and, according to the platform Diffusionit is a “chilling, subtle and frightening” feature film.

extraordinary campsite

cricamp, this is the original title extraordinary campsiteis a 2020 documentary about the “the disability revolution” which took place in 1971 in a ramshackle summer camp for handicapped teenagers. From the changes produced in this group, the participants in this meeting created a movement to defend their rights and sow a new path towards equality.

The documentary won the Audience Award at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, where it premiered, and Rotten Tomatoes called it “as entertaining as it is inspiring.” It is directed by James Lebrecht and Nichole Newnhan. The message of this production moved former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, who became the production’s executive producers.

Rest in peace Dick Johnson

“As her father’s life fades away, the filmmaker Kristen Johnson stages his death with wit and humor to facilitate the inevitable for both of them,” reads the synopsis for netflix, about this intimate documentary of the year 2020 Directed by Kirsten Johnson herself, American filmmaker, documentary filmmaker and photographer.

The show celebrates life with “bittersweet humor and thank you, offering a deeply resonant perspective on mortality,” noted the critics cited by LadBible. Other readings of this excellent documentary point out that it is “a love letter from a daughter to her father an 86-year-old psychiatrist with senile dementia, whose daughter wants to facilitate her departure from this world.

The place

The place It is an Egyptian-American documentary that describes itself as “a riveting and deeply human chronicle of the Egyptian protest movement since the 2011 ouster of the military leader Hosni Mubarak until the overthrow of Mohammad Mursiin 2013″.

The documentary, directed by Jehane Noujaim, which is showing netflix premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013 and won the World Film Audience Award in its category. The production offers an electrifying and accessible experience of the Arab Spring in Egypt, according to reviews read on Rotten Tomatoes.

athlete A

this documentary, athlete A, is a “heartbreaking but essential” achievement, for critics at Rotten Tomatoes. The documentary follows the life stories of a group of gymnasts who suffered abuse of the USA Gymnastics doctor, larry nassar and how a group of journalists were able to bring these facts to light, which were part of a toxic culture that went unpunished for many years.

Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk are the directors of this 2020 production, which features the heartbreaking testimonies of women victims of what the filmmakers call “the predatory doctor”.

strong island

This documentary, released in 2017 and won a nomination for Oscar, explores the strengths of “family, pain, and discrimination,” according to the synopsis of Netflix. The production revolves around the painful case of the murder of the director’s brother, Yance Ford, and the investigation to find the culprits.

The young African American’s crime happened in 1992 and opens for the creator of strong island a personal journey full of pain that the platform has defined as “provocative” and “emotional” and was acclaimed with 100 points by critics of Rotten tomatoes.


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