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The hours pass and the controversy over the alleged possible elimination of the Ecuadorian national team from the Qatar 2022 World Cup does not stop.

Although it has been pointed out that neither Fifa nor any authority in charge has ruled on the apparent internal disagreements in the neighboring country with the Ecuadorian Anti-Doping Organization (Onade), nor on the doubts about the nationality of footballer Byron Castillo , of which It was said that he would not be Ecuadorian, the echoes do not cease to resound.

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Driven by the press versions that have circulated throughout Latin America, in which the possible elimination of Ecuador from the World Cup is pointed out, the president of the Ecuadorian Football Federation, Francisco Egas, who has worked as a sports manager for more than 15 years, has decided to speak out. His voice, without a doubt, one of the most authoritative in the business.

The two great controversies in Ecuador

The administrative mess

Ecuador, which qualified as the fourth team in the South American qualifiers, behind Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, proved to be one of the strongest teams on the road to the World Cup and managed to certify his ticket to Qatar before the last date of the qualifiers. . However, An irregularity in the country’s institutional apparatus was seen as the first possibility that his trip to the Middle East would be cut short.

In recent weeks, the Ecuadorian Anti-Doping Organization (Onade) has denounced that the government authorities have not resolved a problem with the allocation of funds for their department. Therefore, to date, everything indicates that the body does not comply with the controls required by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), an entity that has been leading the fight against doping in sport since the beginning of the new millennium. .

According to Peru’s ‘El Comercio’, Onade’s representative, Jannet Emén Sánchez, confirmed that the Ecuadorian national team could be suspended for this reason.

“Ecuador seriously risks being suspended at the international level”Sanchez said.

“This week, we will comply with the President’s provision that doping control will be handled by the WCC, as established by the World Anti-Doping Code, while the law creating Onade is published. We can therefore provide the resources. Of course, we will assume the outstanding obligations of Onade, checking each value as it should be”reacted the Ministry of Sports of Ecuador in a brief statement.

Until Thursday, no other details were known about the outcome of this alleged administrative inconvenience.

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FIFA is looking for volunteers

The nationality of Byron Castillo

Along with the issue of doping, A whole mess has been generated due to the nationality of defender Byron Castillo, who played with the Ecuadorian team in this year’s World Cup qualifiers.

In this case, the controversy has to do with rumors that Castillo is actually Colombian. Reason why a serious irregularity would have occurred. And although some media reports that countries like Chile could fight for the lost points with Ecuador, and thus generate their “exit” from the World Cup, the truth is that the regulations state that the claim must have been made no more than 48 hours after the match in question. Reason why, on paper, the claim would have no validity.

In Colombia, the person in charge of putting the story on the air was Sebastián Bejarano, a Twitter user who describes himself as a sports journalist.

“A trial has just ended in Ecuador, where it has been proven that the player Byron Castillo, who was summoned to several dates of the Qualifiers by Gustavo Alfaro, is Colombian. Properly born in Tumaco, Nariño. He is currently playing for Barcelona.”Sebastián Bejarano wrote on his Twitter account on Tuesday.

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However, this Wednesday, Bejarano backtracked and pointed the finger at the social network in question: “The biggest mistake was talking about a lawsuit here, for which I apologize. The evidence the attorney showed was at a press conference. These are different contexts.

According to press releases from Ecuador, that country’s Football Federation investigated the matter in 2019 and determined that Castillo had no problem with his nationality.

“Thank God it’s a condemned court matter. The Federation started summoning him when the Justice ruled and ended this matter. We were still calm.”Carlos Alfaro, president of Barcelona SC, the club Castillo plays for, told ‘El Universo’ given the turmoil that has been unleashed these days.

Ecuadorian authorities speak out

Ecuador and the World Cup

Ecuador will play the opening match of the tournament.

Miguel Ángel Loor, president of the Ecuadorian Professional Football League, was the first Ecuadorian leader to speak out on the controversy surrounding the possible elimination of ‘Tri’.

“It’s a joke, who says with bad intention does not deserve the slightest worry. The only thing shown here is that Ecuador will be in the World Cup”
Loor replied quoting the tweet from the aforementioned Sebastián Bejarano.

Later, in statements to the “FutbolEcuador” portal, Francisco Egas, president of the Ecuadorian Football Federation, said that “it does not exist (referring to the document published by the Colombian journalist Sebastián Bejarano on the alleged Colombian nationality of Castillo), it seems to me that is nothing more than another piece of news”, according to this portal.

“I am not aware of any new lawsuits (beyond the 2021 one in which Castillo was confirmed to have been born in Playas, Ecuador)”concluded Egas, in the text of ‘FutbolEcuador’.

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