Óscar del Portal and Fiorella Méndez were in the same hotel several times, according to Magaly Medina’s tests

Óscar del Portal and Fiorella Méndez spent several nights together in a hotel, according to Magaly Medina. (Picture: Instagram)

Magali Medina continue with exclusive news. The journalist presented the night of April 26 in Magaly TV The Firm new images that would demonstrate a rapprochement between Oscar del Portal Yes Fiorella Mendez, weeks before the airing of the much-talked-about show ampay, where the broadcaster is seen sleeping in the sportscaster’s apartment.

The TV host revealed that her production received some electronic sales tickets and attendance records from a hotel in Miraflores where Óscar del Portal allegedly stayed with Fiorella Méndez for several nights during the months of January and February 2022.

“The documents were validated by us with Sunat because we wanted to know if these payment receipts really existed and we did, they are true and true”indicated the popular “Urraca”.

Óscar del Portal and Fiorella Méndez were several times in the same hotel, according to the testimonies of Magaly Medina. VIDEO: MTB

At another point, the reporter went on to show the exact dates which indicated that on January 24, the two were recorded in the same room until January 26, 2022. Similarly, other visits took place on the 8th and 25th February when Óscar del Portal was returning from a few trips abroad. According to the record, the two paid for the matrimonial rooms.

“As you can see, one of our reporters stayed at the hotel to check if the e-tickets were the same and corresponded to the hotel. What I have is same as what they gave them (…) Most bookings were made through Fiorella”Medina added after seeing the report.


Finally, Magaly Medina pointed out that Aldo Miyashiro allegedly lied when he said that Óscar del Portal and Fiorella Méndez slept in separate rooms the day he took shelter kissing his former journalist Fiorella Retiz.

“What really surprises me is that Miyashiro came out very sure of himself to tell us lies about Óscar del Portal. If that’s how he was able to lie with that serious and firm face, what more that what he said in his speech will be a lie (…) If all this (the ballots and the minutes) is like this and it happened, then you blatantly lied to us to cover your friend for sprees and pichangas”voiced Magaly Medina.

Magaly Medina gives her opinion on the new tests of Óscar del Portal and Fiorella Méndez. VIDEO: MTB

Note that these new tests are broadcast while Óscar del Portal and his wife Vanessa Químper are together in Punta Cana. from the beach in the Dominican Republic to find the mother of his children and celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Many believed that after the spread of ampay, which also included Aldo Miyashiro and Fiorella Retiz, Óscar del Portal’s marriage was over. However, on April 26, photos and videos of the happy couple were released enjoying the sun at a five-star hotel with their first-born.

This undoubtedly caused a great surprise and it was Magaly Medina herself who indicated that apparently both had left behind the media scandal to continue their relationship. “Óscar del Portal seems to have taken matters into his own hands. If he’s gone and the way we see his wife, that means that relationship wouldn’t have suffered some kind of fracture.”


Aldo Miyashiro appeared on his show to make a mea culpa and publicly apologize to his still wife Érika Villalobos after the broadcast of the images where he is seen kissing his journalist Fiorella Retiz in the department of Oscar del Portal.

He also indicated that he did not respect the home of the America TV figure. As you remember, the journalist was also called “unfaithful”, because he spent the whole night with producer Fiorella Méndez. However, the driver pointed out that the sports commentator and the producer were already sleeping and, as he implied, they would not have rested in the same bed.

“In these images there has been a lot of speculation about Fiorella and Óscar, this is a situation for which I must also apologize…at a time when Fiorella was sleeping and Óscar was in his room, all this happened, I also did not respect the house of Óscar del Portal “precise.

Aldo Miyashiro’s forgiveness | VIDEO: US TV


Christian Domínguez was the spokesperson for the production company La Banda del Chino after the notorious ampay. On the América Hoy show, the cumbiambero explained that Fiorella Méndez had told her that she only slept in the department of Oscar del Portal because I was so tired from working late at night.

“She was crying all the time. She told me she fell asleep because she worked for the two people. (With Aldo Miyashiro) he works on Once Machos and with Óscar del Portal he does La Liga. She told me crying that no one was going to believe her, but that she had fallen asleep and had never seen Aldo (kissing Fiorella)”told the current companion of Pamela Franco.

“He tells me that the person who works for him was there, he was always there. There were 7 people and Óscar’s wife knew about this meeting “he added.

Christian Domínguez tells the version of Fiorella Méndez after spending the night with Óscar del Portal in his apartment | VIDEO: America TV / America Today


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